Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff, MADD announce ‘Saturation Saturday’

In conjunction with the national ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ campaign, law
enforcement agencies throughout Queen Anne’s County will be stepping up their DUI
enforcement on ‘Saturation Saturday’ – August 27.

The Office of the Sheriff will participate in the Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s National
‘Saturation Saturday’ campaign, taking a collaborative approach to road safety. Deputies
will focus on areas where impaired driving has been statistically prevalent and include
increased DUI patrols and other enforcement efforts aimed at those who choose to drive

Statewide, many police departments will participate in Saturation Saturday – whether
conducting a sobriety checkpoint, saturation patrol, or simply adding one or two officers to a
shift to focus on DUI and impaired driving enforcement. Saturation patrols may target
specific areas to look for drunk drivers and closely watch for moving violations, such as
reckless driving, speeding, or aggressive driving. If signs of intoxication are observed, law
enforcement will pull the vehicle over, conduct a series of tests, and arrest any person
above the legal alcohol limit.

This campaign began in Missouri three years ago, and last year it expanded to New York
and Illinois. From there it grew and now MADD launches this campaign nationwide. Highly
publicized, highly visible, and frequent sobriety checkpoints have been shown to reduce
drunk driving fatalities.

On Saturday, August 27, Deputies and other local law enforcement agencies will be on our
roadways with high-visibility efforts to serve as a deterrent to drunk and impaired drivers.
“Drunk driving must be eliminated,” says Sheriff Gary Hofmann. “Too often, we see drivers
making the wrong decision to drive impaired. That’s why we are joining forces with MADD to
send a clear message to those on our roadways: If you drive