(CHESTERTOWN, MD) – Radcliffe Creek School announced today that it will be closing its
preschool, Little Creek, in August 2021 and is accepting written proposals from reputable
childcare providers interested in leasing the existing childcare space.

“Little Creek has been an important part of the Radcliffe Creek School landscape. It has served
as a warm and welcoming learning environment for children across the eastern shore,” said Rob
Ditmars, Board President. “In determining Radcliffe Creek School’s strategic goals for the next
5-10 years and beyond, our Board has made the difficult decision to discontinue operating the
Little Creek program so as to focus on opportunities to advance our kindergarten through 8th
grade mission. We are excited by the possibilities of a promising new collaboration to serve our
community’s youngest children.”

The space provides a unique opportunity for an early learning center searching for a new
location. Centrally located to many areas of the Eastern Shore, the 201 Talbot Boulevard space
boasts 5,370 square feet, with currently-licensed classrooms and two child-sized restrooms.
Radcliffe Creek School’s Board of Trustees is actively seeking written proposals from
organizations by 3:00 p.m. on March 13, 2021.

Radcliffe Creek School, Inc. will honor all current Little Creek contracts through the contracted
date of August 13, 2021. It is the Board’s hope that a new operator will commence services
immediately thereafter.

Contact Meg Bamford, Head of School, at info@radcliffecreekschool.org or 410-778-8150 with
questions. The RFP can be found on the School’s website at

Radcliffe Creek School is an independent day school with the mission of empowering children in
a dynamic environment that celebrates unique learning. At the heart of The Radcliffe Way is the
notion of personalized learning in a caring community that sets high expectations but provides
support for all students to excel.