Reader Gives Glimpse into the Lifeblood of the Update

By Avra Sullivan

Charlotte Bronte once said “If we build on a sure foundation in friendship, we must love friends for their sake, rather than our own.” Over the last month the Shore Update has been celebrating its 25th year in business. We’ve highlighted marriage anniversaries, businesses who have served for 25 years and even 25 things to do and see in the area. One thing that has been universal is the support of readers and friends over the years.

Queen Anne’s County resident Sandy Bowland (labeled the “Update’s #1 Fan”) loves the paper, and has looked forward to her Thursday delivery for over 20 years. As a new employee of the Update, Ms. Bowland gave me an opportunity to see what all the celebration is about.

“I always looked forward to reading Cheri’s articles, often about her sons; they were uplifting, funny, and heartwarming, and so well written.” After years of enjoying the paper, Sandy met and became friends with owner Cheri Hoffman. “She may have a good looking husband, but she is the “it girl” of the Update,” and goes on to say that both Cheri and her husband Michael give 200% of themselves to the paper.

Ms. Bowland feels the Update has been an invaluable tool to help bring the community together and help those in need. “They really go above and beyond.” She adds that both the paper and the friendship has been “a real joy to my life.”

Now that’s something to celebrate!

Editor’s note: I must admit, being labeled the “it” girl makes me feel a tad awkward. I always think of the Shore Update as a team effort. I am surrounded by a “staff” that treat this paper as their own… it’s that important to them and it shows! Despite its “Disney-esque” sound, our masthead even has all of us listed as “TEAM MEMBERS.” In the end, the paper is what it is because of our community. A community that gives us so many wonderful things to share with our readers.

Now as for my dear-friend Sandy, she truly is our biggest fan as she is always talking about, asking about and commenting on the Update. A blessing in mine and my family’s life, Sandy has known my hubby since he was bussing tables at the old Poseidon. Then, I met her when Marcus was just a toddler, and we’ve been friends ever since. I’m not so sure she’s right about me being the “it” girl… she is, however, right about my good-looking hubby ;)…