Recycling Containers Relocated to Queen Anne’s Bowling Centre Parking Lot

Queen Anne’s County and the Maryland Environmental Service are pleased to announce a partnership with Queen Anne’s Bowling Centre to host recycling containers in Northern Queen Anne’s County.  The site previously at Fey Road was located alongside of the road and partly on private property.  County residents have appreciated the use of that space for many years; however, the new site is a short distance away and is situated off of RT 213, south of RT 544, in the Queen Anne’s Bowling Centre parking lot.  This partnership will make it safer and more convenient for residents to recycle materials.  Maryland Environmental Service has provided new larger containers for paper, plastic and cans in addition to the traditional brown, green and clear glass igloo containers.  They also added a cardboard recycling container.  Queen Anne’s County and Maryland Environmental Service thank Queen Anne’s Bowling Centre for their hospitality.  Queen Anne’s County can be reached at 410-758-2697.  Maryland Environmental Service at 800-473-2925.