RESET Program

Queen Anne’s County youth and young adults are being offered a drug and alcohol educational experience to change their behavior and attitudes.  The RESET program is an alternative sentencing option for the judicial system.  Parents may also enroll their teenagers without an arrest taking place, utilizing early intervention.

Terry Ober, RESET Administrator and instructor advises that the program serves fourteen to twenty-four year olds who have fallen victim to drug and alcohol use or are “at risk”.  The program serves as an alternative sentencing option or condition of probation by the Courts.  RESET is an early intervention education program involving many agencies and facilities in the county.

The program is presented on three Friday nights and one Saturday night, utilizing the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office, Chester River Hospital, Queen Anne’s Circuit Courthouse and the Queen Anne’s County Detention Center.  Classes begin promptly at 5:45 pm and end at 9:00 pm.  The first class educates the students of the short term and long term effects of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and prescription medication along with explaining their effects to family members as well as the community.  Class two is explaining what occurs from accident scene to shock trauma.  Nurses, Doctors, Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical personnel share their experiences and expertise while touring the emergency room.  Class three is presented in the Circuit courtroom having Lance Richardson, State’s Attorney present the laws and penalties related to drug and alcohol use.  Guest Speaker Tom Helfenbein relates the finality of death to our students.  Guest Speakers Ricky Brusca, Trey Breeding and Tom McKnight also explain their personal stories and explain how drugs and alcohol have effected their personal lives.  Parole and Probation agent explains how they control those on court ordered probation.  Class four is a tour of the penal system, directed by Correctional Officer Cpl. Sandford.  Inmates also explain their involvement in crime that relates to drug and alcohol use and abuse.  The students also have homework assignments that relate to each class.

“This is not a “scared straight” approach; however, the program is intended to give a “hands on” experience in what will take place in someone’s life if drugs and alcohol are in control.  Our volunteers and professionals that are involved are giving our students an opportunity to change and become productive members of our communities”, said Mr. Ober.

A student fee allows the program to be offered at no cost our taxpayers.  The student is responsible for payment and attending all four classes in order to complete the program.  Teen Court, Circuit Court, District Court as well as the State’s Attorney’s Office utilizes the program to afford an educational opportunity as part of their adjudication.  For more information or to enroll:  Terry Ober, RESET Administrator, 443-995-5367 or visit