RiverArts Presents Crystalline Glazes, A Lecture By Linda Henselman

Linda Henselman will present a free lecture, open to the public, on “Crystalline Glazes” on Sunday, October 20, from 10-noon at RiverArts Clay Studio at Arts at Still Pond Station. This presentation will include the technical background as well as the processes in obtaining the best consistency in making these glazes. The process results in the making of crystals that look like pansy forms or tiny crystals within the many different pastel colorants.

Linda Henselman has a background in elementary through junior high education but has been a full time artist since 1983. She has a BA in Art and BS in Fine Arts from Rutgers University and an MA in Science. While studying abroad she initially went to carve stone but began working in clay to create sculptures and began a ten year quest experimenting with varied glazes on different surfaces. Linda loves crystalline glazing. “It is the most exotic and most beautiful of all the glazes with the beautiful contrast in colors between the crystals and the background color.”

RiverArts’ Clay Studio at Arts at Still Pond Station is a mere ten minute drive from the Kent County High School. For directions go to chestertownriverarts.org.