Rock Hall Man Faces Charges Over Illegal Fireworks

A Rock Hall man is facing charges in connection with an incident in which he is accused of injuring his wife with illegal fireworks at their home. The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office served 36-year-old Jerry Lee Heinefield with a criminal summons charging him with reckless endangerment, possession of illegal fireworks and discharge of fireworks. The charges stem from an incident alleged to have occurred February 3 at Heinefield’s home on Sunnyside Avenue. According to investigators, Heinefield placed an illegal consumer grade firework inside a small gingerbread style house located on the front porch of his home in an attempt to destroy the home-baked confection. Authorities said that upon igniting the firework, it exploded and a projectile from the device struck his wife, Catherine Heinefield. She suffered a punctured and burnt wrist that required treatment at Chester River Hospital. If convicted of the charges, Jerry Lee Heinefield could get up to five years imprisonment or $10,500 in fines or both.