Rotary Club’s Scholarship Committee Names Two Local Graduates as Recipients

The Rotary Club of Easton, in conjunction with the Youth and Community Fund, has established a scholarship program that fosters the ideal of service and support the avenues of service of Rotary International. Each year up to two $2,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors of Easton High School and Sts. Peter and Paul High School. It is the job of the scholarship committee comprised of Stuart Bounds, Blenda Armistead, Karen Salmon, Al Silverstein and Barbara Viniar to evaluate each applicant and choose the most qualified candidates. This is no small task since Easton is full of amazingly talented youth who are all deserving of such a prestigious honor, but this year’s winners are particularly fascinating recipients.

Easton High School recipient is Sarah Ann Jump. As a student, Sarah Ann has excelled not only in the classroom as she is ranked 13th out of 280 students with a 3.92 GPA, but she has shown leadership in the Latin Club and Latin Honor Society. She has been involved with Interact which is the high school version of the Rotary Club. She has also been involved with the Junior Statesmen of America Club and the Student Government Association. Based on academics, service to school, her community, and her character, she was also inducted into the National Honor Society. She was recognized with an honorable mention for the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Program for both the academic and the talent in the arts categories.

Something that stands out about Sarah Ann besides her academic achievements and her leadership qualities is her giftedness combined with her hard work in her photography. Her photography resume reads like a seasoned professional photographer rather than a graduating senior in high school. She has gone out of her way to train herself in the fine art of Photography in Education, Exhibitions and Shows, Honors, Published Photographs. It is no wonder that the Rochester Institute of Technology was so quick to accept her into their Professional Photographical Illustration program. “I plan to dedicate myself to a career of visually communicating world issues. As a photojournalist, I hope to be able to make an impact within my own community, as I report stories of those in need and those who help…I would like to be a virtuous example, inspiring new generations to implement positive change,” said Jump.

Sts Peter and Paul High School’s recipient, Kate West Moran, is a vital participant in the International Club, National Honor Society, Key Club, and Drama Club. She served as a camp counselor for children of incarcerated mothers all while maintaining a GPA of 4.53. It has been said of Kate that she is one of the few students who exemplifies all the qualities a teacher appreciates in a student. She is balanced, intelligent young woman who thrives on learning. In the fall she plans on attending Emory University with a major in Journalism and Middle Eastern Studies where she said, “Through my writing and use of responsible journalism, it is my aim to promote understanding of the needs of the Middle Eastern people, as well as goodwill and peace in and toward the region. A background in journalism and Middle Eastern studies will give me an invaluable opportunity to serve the international community, as well as to establish myself as a leader of courage, determination and increased awareness I want to change the world for the better, and I believe I will be able to do so through the pursuance of a liberal arts, globally oriented education,” said Moran.

“The Rotary Club of Easton is proud of this year’s recipients of the Youth and Community Scholarship and would like to wish Sarah Ann and Kate the best in their pursuit of changing the world for the next generation,” said Barbara Viniar this year’s Scholarship Committee Chair. To learn more about the Rotary Club of Easton please visit,