Roudiez joins team at Wye River Upper School

As Wye River Upper School (WRUS) prepares for it’s future, Head of School Chrissy Aull is pleased to announce that Francis Roudiez of Stevensville has joined the school’s leadership team as Director of Development.  Francis will lead advancement activities for the school, including community outreach, special events and preparation for a comprehensive campaign.

“Francis’ unique experience in leading a very successful capital campaign for the new Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department (KIVFD), has to be a hallmark of his career.  What is really telling is that he held a leadership role in that campaign as a volunteer, not a staff member.  That certainly speaks to his commitment to his community,” says Chrissy Aull, WRUS Head of School.   Roudiez’ background and training as an Emergency Medical Technician first led him to the KIVFD, where he continues to serve as a volunteer EMT and Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

WRUS was founded in 2002 by co-founders Aull and Patricia McGlannan, to provide an educational option for bright high school students with learning differences, such as ADHD, dyslexia and Asperger’s Spectrum Disorders.  The school’s geographic appeal speaks to the value of their work.  “We have students from all five Mid Shore counties, four western shore counties and the District of Columbia enrolled with us,” notes Aull.  “We are meeting a crucial need in the state – our students are gems in the rough when they first come to us.  They have tremendous potential, what they need is the right educational support and that’s what we provide.  I am very pleased to know that Francis will strengthen our ongoing campaign to share our message and the value of our work in this community.”

The school is currently housed in leased space on the campus of Chesapeake College, where students dual enroll in college classes and use facilities on campus.  “Chesapeake College has been an outstanding location for our high school students.  The only negative is that, unfortunately, we’re advised that it can’t be a permanent location.  The college administration has been terrific to us,” adds Aull.  “We are so committed to the value of the college for our students that we are aggressively searching for land or facilities very close to the campus. “  As WRUS continues their planning, the college expects to renew the lease annually, as space allows.

Roudiez comes to the position prepared for the challenge of non-profit fundraising.   He completed his graduate studies in business at Columbia Universtiy and held a career in non-profit development for eleven years.  His most recent professional experience has been as owner/manager of Healthcare Brokerage Services in Annapolis and Stevensville.  As he turns the business over to his son, Roudiez looks forward to returning to his roots in non-profit development.  “The School’s exemplary mission of nurturing the great minds of students who may not thrive in the traditional educational environment is one that I am excited to support.  I am looking forward to helping the School expand its outreach.  I believe that as more people learn about the School’s individualized and supportive college preparatory education, those people will seek to become involved with expertise and funds that will help more students develop to their full potential, ” offers Roudiez.

Roudiez’ friend and community leader Chip Brittingham, President of International Money Management Group and also a director of the fire department campaign, is pleased to know of the association. “I applaud your recent appointment of Francis Roudiez as Director of Development. Francis is, and continues to be, a good friend, welcomed advisor, and a valued asset within the community. He has supported our community as a Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce Board Member and Officer, as a member of the Lions Club and Hospice, and served on the KIVFD Advisory Counsel. He is always there with a “how can I help” no matter what the challenge.  The significant contribution that The Wye River Upper School has continued to make in our community can only be enhanced by Francis’ participation.”