Saints Peter and Paul Casino Night to Support Local Catholic Education

Saints Peter and Paul School, located in Easton, is the only Catholic School on Maryland’s eastern shore.  SSPP has students in Pre-K through 12th grade from 5 different counties. They provide a loving family atmosphere, and a top notch education for all learners.

Saturday, March 16, 2019 is the SSPP Casino Night, All in for Blue and White, at The Milestone in Easton.  This is the school’s largest and most important fundraiser.  Parent School Association Treasurer, Katie Murphy said, “With no tax dollars allocated to make up for shortfalls in the budget, it can become a bit of a challenge.  Tuition costs are not cheap, but do not cover everything the school provides, needs and wants, so fundraising is the way to make up the difference.” This year, in addition to dinner, drinks, music, live and silent auctions, a wine wall, and a 50/50 raffle; attendees will also enjoy casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps.

Meredith Otmishi is the President of the SSPP Parent School Association and is in charge of procuring auction items and services for the Casino Night.  “After a few years in this role, it has become quite obvious to me just how generous our families and business community are,” said Meredith.  She said, “It is our hope that our bidders will see the donor’s logos and donations online and will support those generous businesses and families of SSPP.” 

Casey Palmer is also an officer with the SSPP Parent School Association. Her and her husband own Palmers Plumbing and have decided to be a business sponsor for this year’s Casino Night.  Casey said, “Jason and I are avid supporters of many different local youth organizations throughout our area.  As business owners and parents of young children ourselves, we understand how important sponsorships are to support those organizations. As employers, we are especially impressed with the high caliber of students that come from Saints Peter and Paul School.  It is absolutely our pleasure to support SSPP in its fundraising efforts!”

Katie Murphy and her husband decided to send their two children to SSPP before they had even moved to the eastern shore 13 years ago.  Katie said, “We were both brought up through the Catholic school system and believe that not only does the school supply a solid and challenging education, but also helps reinforce the morals, values, and beliefs we teach at home.  The teachers are amazing and the overall programs are wonderful.”

The SSPP Elementary School Parent Association officers, with their children in the entrance of the school.  Pictured from left to right: Back Row- Meredith Otmishi, Arman Otmishi, Nathan Palmer, Katie Murphy, Samantha Murphy and Casey Palmer; Front Row-Keon Otmishi, Cole Murphy and Kaylin Palmer