Sale of Chestertown Superfresh Confirmed

Natural Market Restaurants Corporation (NMRC) of Ontario Canada confirmed that its subsidiary, Mrs. Greens Natural Market, will be coming to Chestertown around July 6 and will keep the store running until renovations begin. A date for renovations could not be confirmed, but NMRC CEO Matt Williams said his company plans to make any closures extremely brief. Williams said his company was very excited about coming to Chestertown and serving the needs of the community.

NMRC plans to offer a combination of its three brands of stores under one roof: Richtree Market Restaurants, Planet Organic, and Mrs. Greens Natural Market, which will combine organic and conventional foods along with prepared meals in a cafeteria/restaurant style setting. Williams also said negotiations with the union representing Super Fresh workers were very amicable and that all of the employees will keep their jobs.

The recently enacted plastic bag ban in Chestertown will not be a problem since Mrs. Greens is very friendly to environmental efforts of local communities. Williams said Mrs. Greens has been very successful in markets with plastic bag bans, including a recent ban in Westchester, New York.