Security Services and Budgeting: Has a Tight Budget Put Your Business at Risk?

When you think about evaluating threat assessments at the workplace the first thing most business owners focus on is someone hacking into their computers. However, the more mundane, and more frequent business crimes like burglary, robbery, vandalism and fraud cost businesses billions of dollars each year.

An exact dollar figure for losses is difficult to calculate since many crimes go unreported for fear of bad publicity. However, by 2006 prior to the recession, the Federal Bureau of Investigation crime data listed the figure at $652 billion annually. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, crimes cost businesses more than 5 percent of their gross revenues, and more than 30 percent of small business failures are due to crime. Factor in the recession and the related increase in employee theft and shoplifting and it is easy to see why many businesses are struggling just to break even.

As business owners analyze their 2011 balance sheet and project a budget for 2012 what role should security have? Are some businesses simply rolling the dice and putting the future of their business on the line?

“We have seen the full range,” says Karl Peoples, head of Security Management at CSI, Easton. “Some businesses are budgeting, but are under purchasing low end services provided by minimally trained personnel. Unfortunately other businesses are foregoing security altogether. Security is much like any other business expenditure. If you buy strictly by budget and not by actual needs, the decision can have a damaging impact on your business,” he adds.

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“A reputable security contractor will help you evaluate actual needs and help develop realistic options to fill those needs. Some businesses simply need a visible deterrence like a parking lot drive through while others may need uniformed or armed security. If a potential contractor comes on strong and is obviously trying to sell you something, keep looking. Customizing a solution whether it be for ongoing or periodic/seasonal services should always be a big part of an evaluation,” he adds.

Headquartered in Easton, Md., CSI Security Management is a fully licensed and bonded private investigation and security firm that offers a variety of professional and confidential services to businesses and individuals in the Delmarva region. The firm offers long and short-term contracts as well as event or seasonal-based contracts so clients only pay for what the need. Investigative consultation and research and security consulting are also available.

CSI’s investigation services include: Domestic relations and custody; missing persons; criminal and civil investigations; insurance fraud; complete background investigations; surveillance and evidence gathering; financial and asset tracking investigations; Workman’s Compensation fraud investigation; identity theft and fraud; traffic accident reconstruction; legal process serving; executive protection; and polygraph examinations.

CSI’s protection specialists have law enforcement and/or US military special operations backgrounds. Armed and unarmed fully trained and licensed security guards are available. If armed, these officers are insured and are required to undergo firearms training at regular intervals as prescribed by state law. For more information, call (410) 763-6868 or visit