SERVPRO Announces Distribution of Personal Emergency Assistance Bags

SERVPRO-MarketingSERVPRO Announces Distribution of Personal Emergency Assistance Bags

Partnership Formed with Shore Emergency Services and Community Organizations

Robb Sartorio, owner and general manager of three SERVPRO franchises covering eight Eastern Shore counties has announced the implementation of an initiative to provide personal care and toiletry items to individuals immediately following emergencies like accident, fire, criminal assault, and natural disasters, or other unfortunate circumstances.  The SERVPRO Personal Emergency Bag project is a cooperative effort with area emergency services providers distributing them when and where needed at the emergency scene.  The bags are being provided without charge.

SERVPRO-Personal-Emergency-Assistance-Bag-contents-photoEach bag contains important items often needed by people who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.  Contents include toiletry items, diapers, wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a wash cloth and towel.  Also included is a journal for recording important conversations and to document contact with insurance or government agencies.  In addition, there is a coloring book and crayons in each bag.

SERVPRO marketing representative Kevin Knussman has been selected to lead the project.  Knussman has a long history in the emergency services, working currently as a paramedic and is also a retired Maryland State Trooper.

Knussman is proud of the bag project and the relationship between SERVPRO and the area police, fire, rescue, and EMS agencies.  One of the special additions to the bags he has initiated is the inclusion of “help” brochures for the various community agencies and organizations in each county.

“The addition of informational brochures from local organizations in a position to help each victim who receive the Personal Emergency Assistance Bag following their emergency is an important aspect of this project.  It makes the bags a valuable outreach from local professionals and agencies positioned to provide a wide range of services and assistance from food and shelter to health care,” stated Knussman.

Knussman said examples of organizational brochures provided with the bags include the Eastern Shore Mobile Crisis program, county health departments and social services agencies, food banks, libraries, and shelters.

Sartorio is also excited about the project’s potential to help so many people.

“When completely distributed there will be approximately 500 bags available throughout the Eastern Shore ready to be made immediately available at the location of any emergency with victims in need.  Regardless of whether there is a victim of criminal assault, fire, or other emergency the bags will provide some degree of comfort during a vulnerable time in someone’s life.”

Sartorio is the owner of SEVPRO of the Mid-Upper Shore, SERVPRO of the Lower Shore, and SERVPRO of Talbot/Dorchester.  SERVPRO provides a full range of clean up and restoration services following fire, smoke, water, and other types of structural damages.  Additional services include biohazard and crime scene clean-up, mold mitigation, and carpet cleaning.

The bags are being implemented county by county and distributed directly to participating police, fire, rescue, and EMS groups.  Emergency services providers or community help organizations can obtain information about the bag project by contacting Knussman at (410) 253-7102 or by email at