“Sheriff Shivers” at Polar Bear Plunge

The 14th Annual Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge was supported again by the Queen Anne’s County Community. The Office of the Sheriff, The Office of the States Attorney and DOC’s Riverside Grill all took the snowy plunge again this year!

DOC’s Riverside Grill and their staff provided 3 heated tents, music, lots of great food and one large heated coach bus to the snowy dipping plunging team. The two teams joined forces to raise money in a recent jail and bail, held at DOC’s Riverside Grill, as well as both teams raising money on their own.

As the team news spread, the Sheriff’s Shivers Team grew quickly to 15 members with the addition of States Attorney Lance Richardson and friends. DOCs Medicators also had a bus load of sponsors.

“Its such a great cause, and the community really comes together showing support for Special Olympics and other charitable causes. Taking the plunge in the frigid water, was worth the cause!” added Sheriff R.G. Hofmann after his plunge.

As the snow fell, and the beach was covered with snow, the two teams blended together, as one and took a plunge for Maryland Special Olympics. “It wasn’t easy this year wading into the Chesapeake with snow falling and the temperature in the 20’s but the camaraderie of the folks from the Sheriffs Shivers and DOC’s Medicators made it a great event. My children enjoyed watching me freeze and it’s great to see so many of our locals supporting this cause” stated Lance Richardson. The two teams, Sheriffs Shivers and DOC’s Medicators raised almost 6 thousand dollars. Community members sent in donations and stopped by the office.

“This is DOC’S third year. This plunge gets more participation interest every year, we have people who take the plunge and those who want to watch and support, I enjoy giving back to the community” added Bo Oristian.