Shore Health System Integrative Medicine Center Offers Massage for Cancer Patients

The Center for Integrative Medicine in Easton has added oncology massage to its menu of services. Offered by licensed massage therapist Stephanie Latham, this relaxing therapeutic treatment helps relieve the stress associated a cancer diagnosis.

“Oncology massage is really coming to the forefront,” says Latham. “Research-based studies show that it helps reduce anxiety, stress, and the physical effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.”

Latham trained as a massage therapist at the Delaware Learning Institute and has practiced massage therapy since 2005. She joined the Center for Integrative Medicine three years ago and recently completed oncology massage training through the Society for Oncology Massage.

“I’m able to perform massage with adaptation on any stage of cancer, even during a chemotherapy treatment or on the day of radiation,” Latham says. “Different adaptations are used at different stages of cancer. For example, a breast cancer patient who has had a lumpectomy or mastectomy and has completed treatment, including chemo and radiation, will require adaptations because of possible lymph node removal.”

The list of changes that have been reported by patients after receiving oncology massage is impressive and long: improved sleep, reduced stress, reduced pain, improved peripheral neuropathy (numbness or tingling in the extremities), increased mental clarity and reduced post-treatment fatigue. Massage also has been shown to enhance body image, restore hope and promote deep relaxation.

Latham is also another ear for the cancer patients who come to her for massage. “Some patients make massage part of their wellness regime,” Latham says, “even after cancer treatment has ended, because they find it to be so beneficial. Probably one of the best things is that it gives them satisfaction in taking control in part of their healing.”

The Center for Integrative Medicine located at 607-B Dutchman’s Lane in Easton is an affiliate of Shore Health System. To make an appointment with Stephanie Latham and to learn more about other services offered at the center, call 410-77-9400. Also visit