Signs of Drug Use in Your Home

clip_image002[2] (59 x 72)How can a parent know if their teen is using drugs? This is a complicated question that is not easily answered as it takes time and the ability to put together pieces of your teen’s behavior puzzle. But if you suspect your child may be using drugs or alcohol, it may be time to start looking for signs of teenage alcohol abuse or drug use. Privacy is important in a family, but not as important as taking the responsibility of parenting your teenager.

The bedroom may look like any teenagers’ room with clothes scattered on the floor, desks and tables cluttered with school supplies, makeup, jewelry, CDs, books, but behind the clutter, may lurk dozens of common items used to hide drugs, alcohol, and other contraband.

Here are a few things to look for:

Appearance of unusual containers or wrappers, or seeds left on surfaces, like Frisbees, used to clean marijuana.

A plastic bag containing white powder hidden inside a trash can.

Loose tobacco hollowed from a cigar or cigarette.

An empty can of the alcoholic drink Four Loko mixed in with similarly brightly colored, oversized ice tea cans.

Pipes, rolling papers, small medicine bottles, eye drops, butane lighters or makeshift smoking devices, like bongs made out of toilet paper rolls and aluminum foil.

Air fresheners, scented candles, or incense

Matches, spoons, small mirror, razor blades, glass or plastic tubes, and steel wool, used to prepare, cook, filter or ingest drugs.

Baking soda, starch or talcum powder used to dilute drugs.

Teens can also use their car to hide things they don’t want you to see, like drug paraphernalia, empty bottles, and more. Unusual smells in the car or bottles, pipes, or bongs on floor or in the glove box should be signs for concern.
It is very important for parents to determine whether or not their teen is using any type of drug as teen drug use can lead to sad consequences.

While the biggest warning signs for parents include slipping grades and changes in their teen’s behavior, the signs of substance abuse aren’t all physical. Talbot Partnership encourages parents to stay on top of dangerous behaviors by paying attention to what their kids’ might have that would indicate alcohol or drug use.

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