Something To Think About…Celebrating Small Town America

badges_for_ads (202 x 271)We are so excited to honor our local business owners in this keepsake issue “Celebrating Small Town America.” We asked participating business owners to share stories and photos that they hold dear so our readers could get to know them better. Below are my answers to the questionnaire. Hope you enjoy this issue and all the memories shared.


What organizations are you involved with? Any special hobbies or interests?
We honestly feel like we are involved with just about every local organization there is. When we are contacted to help spread the word about fundraisers, upcoming events and thank-you’s to all the wonderful volunteers in our area, we take great strides to help however we can. We truly feel our mission is to help local organizations and businesses grow and prosper.

How long have you been in business?
We’ve been publishing the Update for 26 years, but Michael’s always had the entrepreneurial spirit in his blood. Before the Update, he started a local window washing and cleaning service, and as a young teenager he washed boats.

What family members have worked/do work with the business?
We are truly a family company. Cheri and Michael have been working the Update from the beginning and married now for 20 years. Michael’s dad printed inserts for us and guided us with his 30 plus years in the printing industry. Cheri’s mom, Wilma, manages all the calendar listings, newsletter and general information tracking that inundates our office. Marcus helps with billing, and both Hoffman boys help with office maintenance, events and whatever else Mom and Dad ask of them! Although Vicki is not “blood related,” she has become family to us.

Is there a story behind how your business was named/started?
As a young entrepreneur, Michael Hoffman, owner of the Shore Update, was washing windows in the Acme Shopping Center when a business owner offered to sell him a publication. Michael wasn’t able to afford it, but the seed was planted and the monthly “KENT ISLAND SALE PAPER” hit the presses 26 years ago, and printer’s ink entered his blood! The Shore Update started off as the “Kent Island Sale Paper” as it was strictly offering advertising promoting local sales and mailed to just Kent Island. When Michael could no longer afford to pay for designing, he called me at college and said, “I leased a computer and need you to come do the paper this weekend.” I had never touched design software before, and it was the worst looking issue in history. The good news… it could only get better!

Do you have a favorite story to share?
The stories that make me the happiest are when we get a call or email sharing how successful an ad or event was. Those mean we are succeeding in meeting our mission! The story I love to tell is when I went into labor with our first son, Marcus. Michael and I went to the hospital and after Marcus was born and settled in, Michael drove to the printer to drop the files off for printing. When the paper was done, he picked it up… and then the two of us from the hospital. Nothing like driving home with the smell of ink and new baby. To this day, we tell Marcus he was born to take over the family business. In true teen rebellious form, he says “Not a chance!” Even his birth didn’t stop the presses!

Employee that has worked for you the longest.

Favorite aspect of being a small business owner.
Being part of this community… it sounds corny, but it’s true!

Who inspires you?
The many people that contact us on a daily basis who work tirelessly to help others in our community.