Something To Think About…

“The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk around outsie your body… and if they are boys that you might go broke buying food”.

Teenage boys eat everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Food has become a territorial issue in our house. First, leftovers were put away and “claimed” as off limits by whoever could scream it first. When that didn’t work, my guys got more clever. Marcus hid his favorite take-out orange chicken in whole wheat bread bags (after all, no one around here willingly touches that!). Samuel hid uneaten pizza in the TV cabinet and stuffed steak in Ziplocs and shoved it into large, half empty salsa jars. The other male member of our household, who asked for anonymity to protect his secret food stash, resorted to turning the shoe shelves in his closet into a make-shift pantry. Mr. X, who shall remain nameless, has neatly organized shelves of chocolate bars, Hershey’s syrup and cheese puffs. Often qualifying as a secret agent, it is not unusual for Mr. X to peep in our front door to make sure no one is looking, quietly enter the foyer and then madly dash upstairs with grocery bags and stealth-like movements. Watching all this happen is quite amusing. It reminds me of the stories Mr. X’s dad used to tell about putting hot sauce on all the leftovers in his house so his boys wouldn’t eat them. MR. X doused our leftovers in hot sauce for a while, but now Samuel finds it the condiment of choice. I have pretty much witnessed every possible tactic except a lock and key… which was mentioned the other night at dinner while the table was being cleared and leftovers were being hidden.

Ultimate keeper of the food,