St. Michaels Family YMCA Boasts Top Member Satisfaction in Nation

The St. Michaels Family YMCA has recently been recognized for achieving 100 percent member satisfaction based on a survey of its membership done last year. This accomplishment is significant as the St. Michaels Family YMCA is the only YMCA to receive such a high score.

According to Tracy Cohee, Branch Executive Director of the St. Michaels Family YMCA, “This recognition shows our members that we are committed to promoting healthy living in our community and to providing a place for them to engage socially.”

Cohee credits the outstanding scores to the friendliness of her small staff. She adds, “Everyone who works here is a member of the Bay Hundred community and that speaks volumes to our members.”

She also credits the size of the facility to the recent member satisfaction scores, as the staff in St. Michaels has a role in all aspects of the facility’s operations. The small size also contributes to members getting to know one another.

In a recent letter from Fred Hauser, Vice President and Mid-Size YMCAs/CMS Director, YMCA of the USA, comments, “During my trip I saw many positive indicators of a strong, vibrant and progressive YMCA….Your market penetration and strong YMCA image is one of the highest of any YMCA…..I will continue to point others in your direction to emulate your methods and learn from your staff and volunteers.”

Cohee adds that the community wants the St. Michaels Family YMCA to continue to grow and provide more services to the Bay Hundred area. She states, “This community really wanted this facility. The satisfaction scores also reflect the members’ commitment to their health and desire to improve their health to better serve the community.”

Since 2008, the St. Michaels YMCA has grown from approximately 1200 members to over 1700 members. Plans are under way to build a permanent facility in St. Michaels to serve the Bay Hundred Area.

In photo: The St. Michaels Family YMCA recently was recognized for 100 percent satisfaction by Triangle 2 in a member satisfaction survey. Pictured are members of Tracy Cohee’s weekly group exercise class. Back row, left to right, are Suzann Lindsay, Christi Boyd, Carol Gordean, and Katie Hamilton. Pictured middle row, left to right, are Carol Dozier, Roz McKenna, Pat Colbert, Barbara Rose, and Leah Murn. Pictured in the front row is Tracy Cohee, Branch Executive Director of the St. Michaels Family YMCA.