Stevensville’s Ride Entertainment Group Opens New Skycoaster® in Australia

Ride Entertainment Group, a Stevensville-based international entertainment industry leader, has opened another high-profile attraction, this time in Oxenford, Australia, at the Wet ‘n’ Wild theme park, the largest water theme park in Australia located on its famed Gold Coast. Towering more than 170 feet in the air, Skycoaster® officially opened Easter weekend. Ride Entertainment Group owns the exclusive patent on Skycoaster® with more than 73 locations worldwide.

Although the attraction has been visible to commuters on Australia’s main Pacific Motorway since the project began construction in December 2010, the ride’s official opening has created a new thrill for motorists driving near the theme park.

First to experience the attraction on opening day were Gold Coast Blaze star soccer players Chris Goulding and Shaun Gleeson. Although jaw-dropping action is not alien to the soccer stars, the two were nearly speechless afterwards and shaking nervously although not enough so to keep them from doing the ultimate do-over. ”I was very scared, especially having to pull the cord by myself,” says Goulding. ”It was something I’ve never done before, but it was good once it was over,” he adds.

Skycoaster®’s patented concept combines elements from skydiving and hang-gliding, allowing “flyers” to enjoy exhilarating sensations without requiring extensive training or being cost prohibitive. Riders get strapped into a harness and winched to the top of the tower, raised more than 170 feet from the ground. They then pull their own ripcord to let themselves go at the top.

Ride Entertainment Group CEO Ed Hiller could not be more pleased by the reaction and the success of the attraction’s opening. “Our goal is to provide family entertainment around the world and our company could not be happier than with this recent success,” says Hiller.

Ride Entertainment Group, with offices in Stevensville, Md., and Salt Lake City, Utah, is a highly diversified entertainment industry leader comprised of companies in sales and branding, financing and leasing, installation, and service. Their work with such highly visible brands such as Thomas and Friends and Skycoaster® has help brand Ride as a worldwide industry leader. Ride is also a brand management partner with CBS Consumer Products, New York, N.Y. From Survivor™ and The Amazing Race to CSI and Star Trek, Ride Entertainment Group works with CBS’ renowned brands in developing uniquely themed licensed attractions.