Stevensville Is Getting A Little Sweeter Thanks To Bella Luna!

By Deb Mowbray

So how does a gooey, creamy, sugar-laden confection share space in a publication with a plethora of New Year, New You fitness tips? “Easy”, says Brittany Boehm, who co-owns Bella Luna Cupcakery with her mom, Mary. “We are the real deal!”

“Our cupcakes are made from fresh, straight-forward ingredients without unnecessary preservatives and artificial flavors. If you get a strawberry cupcake, it has puréed fresh strawberries”, touts Boehm. Other whole ingredients in Bella Luna Cupcakes include real eggs, milk, sugar and flour with tantalizing flavorings and spices that satisfy. “Cupcakes are the designer dessert”, says Boehm. “There are no limits since just about any kind of dessert can be made into a cupcake and personalized. We made black velvet cupcakes with purple cream cheese frosting for our Ravens cupcakes”, offered Boehm.

Many studies indicate that healthy eating habits like practicing moderation and avoiding processed foods are key to successful long term weight management, as opposed to total deprivation. In a society that struggles with obesity, and where some school systems have even resorted to banning the tradition of birthday party cupcakes, the verdict on the cupcake’s role in a healthy diet may still be out. However, spend a few minutes with the svelte Boehm and you’ll quickly become a believer in their magic.

“I grew up in an Italian family where we connected and celebrated with family and friends over food”, said Boehm. “We cherished spending time together cooking and sharing meals”. Indeed, the re-emergence of the classic cupcake may be as much of an attempt to capture memories as it is to satisfy a craving. And there’s certainly no disputing the owners’ commitment to health. In addition to being bakers, both Brittany and her mom are certified fitness instructors.

Since they don’t require plates or utensils, no one can deny the cupcake’s convenience. One could also argue that an added health benefit is that the individual packaging makes it easier to control portion sizes. In fact Bella Luna even offers its cupcake creations in mini sizes.

Bella Luna features an array of original, traditional and seasonal recipes to choose from. Some examples include, “the king”, a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting, “coconutty”, moist coconut cake topped with toasted coconut, “blueberry bliss”, a white cake infused with fresh blueberries, and the classic “pumpkin spice”, available sugar-free. Cupcakes can be delivered with personal notes to a work place, home, or business, and tailored for all types of events from weddings to graduations. From their storefront in Stevensville, Boehm says they are planning to serve fresh baked muffins and coffee in the morning and hot Panini sandwiches at lunch. “We will also host in-store events like cupcake decorating birthday parties”, says Boehm.

The arrival of Bella Luna Cupcakery in Stevensville brings back the iconic cupcake and provides a welcome respite to share with family and friends. Bella Luna Cupcakery is scheduled to open its store front soon at 605 Main Street, suite 107, Stevensville. Email: or visit on Facebook at