Stevensville Property Restoration Specialist Alerts Homeowners to Potential Sources of Water Damage

For some homeowners, winter’s frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on exposed and unprotected water pipes. As falling temperatures cause water to freeze and expand, any pipe – plastic or metal – can rupture and burst, resulting in extensive and potentially expensive water damage to floors, walls and ceilings. But according to Jason Smith, owner of PuroClean Emergency Restoration Specialists, homes in all climates are subject to water damage – whether as a result of storms or problems with everyday household appliances, fixtures and even decorative items that have the potential to leak.

“An unexpected blast of freezing weather can cause pipes to freeze and burst, even in parts of the country where prolonged cold winter weather isn’t a concern,” says Smith. “In fact, in warmer areas, pipes often run through uninsulated crawl spaces and exterior walls, putting them at greater risk for freezing during a short cold snap. But even in the balmiest areas, a home can sustain water damage from a leaking water heater, toilet tank, overflowing bathtub or sink – even a leaking aquarium. And no matter what the source of the water, it’s important to stop the leak, remove the water, dry the affected area, and identify the full extent of the damage as quickly as possible. That’s where a property restoration specialist like PuroClean Emergency Restoration Specialists can help.”

Smith reminds Stevensville-area homeowners that prevention is the best defense against water-related problems. Following these guidelines can help prevent an incident and also provide evidence of proper maintenance to an insurance carrier if a problem does develop.

1. Keep your home’s roof in good repair to ensure a solid, watertight barrier against storm damage.
2. Ensure that your home’s plumbing is up-to-code and well-maintained.
3. Keep exterior wooden surfaces weather-tight with a good paint job.
4. Regularly check the hoses on your washing machine and dishwasher, and the seals on your water heater.
5. Watch for leaks around faucets, pumps on aquariums, toilet tanks, and other water sources in your home.

If a home does sustain serious water damage in spite of all precautions, managing the clean-up may involve much more than the obvious steps of pumping out or mopping up the water itself, Smith warns. If the water from a burst pipe has soaked sheetrocked walls, chances are, the insulation behind that sheetrock is also wet – and therefore needs to be removed and replaced to prevent the growth of mold. A wet spot on the ceiling under the attic may indicate a roof leak that soaked attic insulation, as well as the ceiling sheetrock. Water damage to floors often extends to the baseboards – and to the walls behind them. An experienced property damage mitigation specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of the affected home, provide a comprehensive restoration plan, and help the homeowner navigate the insurance process as well.

“Dealing with a water emergency in your home can seem overwhelming,” said Smith. “A fast response is key to minimizing damage, but it’s also important to preserve the documentation you’ll need to provide to your insurance company. For example, some insurance adjusters may want to see a damaged sprinkler head or broken pipe to determine that the incident is a covered event. Specialists from PuroClean Emergency Restoration Specialists can walk you through every step of the clean-up, mitigation and claims process.”

For more information about PuroClean Emergency Restoration Specialists, please contact Jason Smith at 410-919-4275.

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