Substance Abuse affects Family, Schools, and Friends

imagesSubstance Abuse affects Family, Schools, and Friends

Substance abuse can have a wide ranging impact on the family unit as teens may become more hostile, and their decision-making becomes impaired. They set bad examples for younger siblings and often create hostility to the family as a whole.

Studies also show that drug/alcohol user’s academic performance is often impaired, along with his or her level of responsibility – such as skipping class, failing to complete assignments, etc.

Depending on the drug, some might say they feel pleasant or relaxed. However, in many cases, these feelings are often followed by even more powerful sensations, such as depression, anxiety, nausea, confusion, lack of control, paranoia, guilt, embarrassment, hangovers, loneliness, and cravings for more drugs.

In addition to the mental, behavioral, and health-related effects, drugs have social consequences. These can include lying to and losing the trust of friends and family; performing poorly in school; quitting academic, athletic, or social activities; losing self control, making bad decisions like drugged or drunk driving; getting pregnant; becoming violent or placing yourself at risk to be a victim of violence; and abandoning old friendships in order to be around people who also use drugs.

The prospect of drug use frightens many parents and with good reason. But many parents mistakenly believe there is nothing they can do to protect their children. While parents cannot completely prevent their children’s eventual exposure to alcohol and other drugs, there are steps parents can take to reduce the potential risks.

  • Provide guidance and clear rules about not using drugs.
  • Spend time with your child.
  • Do not use tobacco or other drugs yourself.

Drug abuse prevention starts with parents learning how to talk with their children about difficult topics. Parents need to know that they are the strongest influence that their children have.

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