Sudlersville Man Dies After Shoveling Snow

A 64-year-old man died last weekend after having a heart attack from shoveling snow at his Baxter Road home. Road conditions in the blizzard prevented help from reaching Michael Charles Howard, whose wife gave him CPR for 50 minutes with help from emergency dispatchers, before the call was ended. The call ended because of the extreme weather conditions and for the safety of the emergency responders.

Police said Howard came inside and sat down in his kitchen after shoveling snow, where his wife found him in cardiac arrest and called for help. Emergency response crews tried for two hours to reach Howard with a road grader, a dump truck, an ambulance, a 4-wheel drive vehicle and a 4-wheel drive vehicle with a plow. Personnel from the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office also used a plow to try to get to the house and Maryland State Police used a National Guard Humvee, but those vehicles also became stuck.