Surplus County Vehicles to be Sold on eBay

Queen Anne’s County has more than 20 vehicles to be auctioned online within the upcoming weeks on EBay. On the block are Crown Victorias, as well as Ford and Chevy buses and pick-up trucks.

“We plan to list three vehicles per week beginning on December 5,” said Todd Mohn, director of Public Works. Each auctioned item will be listed for seven days. There is a link on the homepage of the county’s website “” which goes directly to the Queen Anne’s County Surplus Property page of eBay.

Auctioning off surplus government property is not a new idea. The county began selling surplus supplies in 2005. “We have sold over 170 vehicles, pieces of furniture, building materials, scrap metal and other items,” said Jeff Rank of the county’s finance office. “To date we have sold over $200,000 worth of surplus equipment.”

In addition to the typical auction items such as vehicles and furniture, the county has auctioned off railroad ties, voting machines and even a grain silo which sold for $11,000. Although buyers have come from all over the U.S. and Canada, about half of the purchases were made locally.

Because of the success of the online auctions county staff have recently been assisting Kent County government employees to set up a system to sell their surplus items online. Items are not shipped unless they fit in a small box or envelope and the buyer pays for shipping.

Interested bidders are encouraged to make an appointment to view the vehicles to be auctioned by calling Paul Kurst of the department of public works during normal business hours at 410-758-0920 ext. 4163.