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All Public And Semi-public Swimming Pools Must Have An AED Available

Queen Anne’s County commissioners passed “Connors Law” on August 28, requiring that all public, and semi public pools be equipped with an automatic external defibrillator (AED), effective IMMEDIATELY.

The bill, 12-16 was introduced by Commissioner Phil Dumenil at the July 24 Commissioner’s meeting after Anne Arundel County enacted a similar ordinance July 6.

The ordinance, is supported by Connor Cares Foundation, a non-profit formed by the family of Connor Freed, who drowned in a Crofton country club pool in 2006 at age 5. The Freed family shared their story about Connor’s death at the hearing, along with statistics related to AED effectiveness. The Commissioner’s unanimously approved the bill.

The pool where Connor drowned had an AED, however according to the foundation; the lifeguard was not trained in how to operate it. Since, lifeguards at public and semi-public pools are required by the American Red Cross to be trained in the use of AED’s and CPR techniques.

According to statistics, survival is based on speed of use for an AED. If an AED is in place, and used within the first 2 minutes of death, the victim has a 90% chance of surviving the cardiac arrest event. As minutes tick by, this survival rate drastically is reduced. With an AED available at each public and semi-public pool, we truly have the ability to make a real difference in the outcome.

For more information about AED’s or training in for both CPR and AED’s, a local business here in Queen Anne’s county specializing in this area is: Keep The Beat CPR & First Aid training. They offer classes on a frequent basis at their office in Centreville, or you can book a group class to meet your needs. Keep The Beat also offers sales and service in AED units. They can be reached at: 410-758-2022 or their website: www.ktbtraining.net