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RESET Revisited by A & E

Arnold Shapiro Productions will be filming the November RESET program for A & E third series “Beyond Scared Straight”. Terry Ober, RESET Administrator advises “this is a great opportunity for parents to enroll their “at risk” children so that we can educate them about the tragedies and pit falls of their behavior and where it might lead them”. Although the program serves adults and juveniles, this November class will be comprised of juvenile between the ages of 12-17. The RESET program was inititated by Mr. Ober in March 2009 having served 243 students (between the ages of 13-24) with a 9% recidivism rate. RESET is an alternative sentencing option by the Courts, State’s Attorneys, Boards of Education, Juvenile Services and Attorneys along with providing early intervention for parents who enroll their children. The program utilizes the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office, Chester River Hospital, Queen Anne’s County District Court and the Queen Anne’s County Detention Center as the meeting locations. Each student must attend all four classes, complete required homework and follow the program rules and conduct. RESET serves our area along with those offenders who are prosecuted in Kent and Queen Anne’s County. Mr. Ober said “some of our students have attended from New Jersey, Virginia and western Maryland, all part of their condition of probation by the Courts or the State’s Attorney’s Office. Expansion of the program into other counties and state’s is available.

This is the second opportunity for the program to be filmed and featured by A & E, having been a part of the series this past January. “It’s an honor and a wonderful opportunity to allow our parents and communities to be informed about what we are doing to educate our youth and reset their behaviors and attitudes” Ober said, “Our youth are no different from other youth across America, it’s just that we are offering something to change their behaviors while affording them a second chance”. “RESET allows, in some cases, to have the charges dismissed saving them a criminal record”. “When parents enroll their children as an early intervention, our chances of allowing change is greatly increased”. The program’s classroom presentations includes many professionals and community volunteers all dedicated to making a difference in our youth. For more information: www.terryober.com and view RESET page or call 443-995-5367.

Submitted by: J. Terry Ober, RESET Administrator, 443-995-5367

RESET Program/A&E Filming

The RESET program, conducted in Kent and Queen Anne’s counties, serving parents, Courts, Teen Court, Juveniles Services, State’s Attorneys and Defense Attorneys has been selected to be filmed by Arnold Shapiro Productions for the A & E series “Beyond Scared Straight”. This is our second opportunity to be filmed and to be shown on national television by A & E.

A special class will be conducted to serve our juveniles between the ages of 12-17 for the purpose of having this Shapiro Productions staff to interview and film the students. Parents are encouraged to consider making referrals to the November class so that the program can serve those youth displaying “at risk” behaviors. An arrest does not need to take place in order for parents to enroll their children.

The RESET classes are usually three Friday evenings and one Saturday afternoon, but for this class, the program will be held on Monday,November 12th, Tuesday, November 13th, Thursday, November 15th and Friday, November 16th from 5:45 pm until 9:00 pm. Each student that successfully completes the program will receive a certificate as their proof.

Since March 2009, RESET has served 243 students having a 9% recidivism rate. For more information and enrollment visit www.terryober.com and view the RESET page or call 443-995-5367. You may also visit WUSA9.com and search RESET program.



The RESET Program

Since March 2009, the mission is to reset the attitudes and behaviors of our youth through structured educational classes allowing personal influence and relationships from caring people and professionals within our communities. With student participation, the program allows our youth to better understand the effects of their behavior within our community as well as their personal life and begin to realize how their behavior will affect their future endeavors. Student fees allow the program to operate without financial cost to our taxpayers.

RESET is an early intervention/alternative sentencing education program addressing the use and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, K2 and prescription medications. Through education, our youth learn the short term and long term effects of drugs and alcohol on their body and mind. Discussions on the damage drugs and alcohol cause with their personal and family relationships, peer influences, as well as the immediate or long term effects on the community and individual careers. Sharing the cost to individuals along with poor decision making which are directly related to drug and alcohol use and abuse. Facts and Consequences related to social media postings, domestic violence, suicide, truancy, disrespect and bullying as they relate to “risky behavior” and possible drug and alcohol use are addressed.

Different meeting locations set the theme for the class allowing our instructors and professionals to instruct our students on how drugs and alcohol affects the student’s quality of life as well as those who surround them. Through education, each student becomes more aware of the dangers associated with drug and alcohol use and abuse. Doctors, nurses, medical personnel, lawyers, correctional officers, inmates and community volunteers share their professional and personal experiences relating to drugs and/or alcohol as well as peer pressure, gang activity and social media posting. Students are afforded information to allow change in their decision making process as well as a better understanding for change in their lives.

Sharing their accomplishments along with goal setting is among the homework assignments allowing students to decide their future and to prevent drugs and alcohol from interfering with their future plans. Students are given the task of responsibility and participation throughout the program and are held accountable for their actions.

Parents are encouraged to enroll their children as an early intervention opportunity. For more information, program cost and for enrollment:
J. Terry Ober, RESET Administrator
Cell: 443-995-5367 www.terryober.com


Submitted by:
J. Terry Ober
RESET Administrator
P. O. Box 592
Ridgely, Md. 21660