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Mid-Shore Bike Collection Big Success

More than 65 bikes collected in Easton will soon be on the streets of Central America or Africa. The donated bikes were collected as part of a D.C.-based program called Bikes for the World, which gives bikes to people such as health care workers and students in developing countries. The bike collection program has been going on for more than a decade in Easton, but the recent collection brought in the most bikes in the program’s history.

Used Bike Collection to Aid Developing Countries

Bikes for the World will team up with Evergreen Cove Learning Center to hold a one-day collection of used bicycles at 770 Port St, Easton on Sunday, April 17, 2011 from 1 pm-4 pm. The donated bikes will be reconditioned and distributed overseas, where they will improve the lives of impoverished people by helping them get to work, school and health clinics.

“Donating a used bicycle can have a profound impact,” said Keith Oberg, Director of Bikes for the World. “In the United States, most Americans view their bikes as recreational. In developing countries and rural areas, bikes mean mobility, and that is a powerful gift.”

The mid-Atlantic organization of Bikes for the World has become the largest program of its type in the U.S. Collections have been held from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, to collect, prep, and ship thousands of bikes annually. Bikes for the World has developed a reputation for shipping high-quality used bicycles to reputable non-profit partners in Africa and the Caribbean Basin.

These non-profit partners train and employ local workers to recondition the bikes. Some of these organizations sell donated bikes at modest prices, to support their employment, training, and other community service activities. Others donate bikes to people in exchange for volunteer work or to qualifying students who live at a distance from school. Beneficiaries include low-income farmers, small-business people, and students, as well as community health, literacy, and agricultural extension workers.

For further information contact Anna Harding at 410-822-6452.

About Bikes for the World Bikes for the World is a nonprofit organization that rescues thousands of unwanted bicycles at community events throughout the lower mid-Atlantic region. The bikes are shipped to underprivileged communities overseas where they can transform lives by facilitating transportation to work, school, and health services. Bikes for the World is a sponsored project of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. For more information, visit www.bikesfortheworld.org or call 703.740.7856.