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Watts Up at BodyWatts

By Sandra Zunino

Treating the mind, body and spirit is the concept behind fitness at BodyWatts Lifestyle Studio in Easton. “We are focused on wellness and the whole body,” says owner Lorri Wilson-Clarke. “A lot of fitness starts in your mind, not your abdominals or your biceps.”

Lorri started the business in June of 2003 in a smaller facility, but in 2008 moved it to its current location in the Easton Shopping Plaza on Marlborough Road to expand the facility and provide more services for its members.

From the beginning, she knew she wanted to create an atmosphere catering specifically to female clientele and has been building on that premise ever since. “Women are social minded and like having a community of other women and members,” says Lorri who recognized that women often feel intimidated in a co-ed gym.

Therefore, the gym is only open to female membership; however, men are able to attend classes. In fact, Lorri, who is a certified Pilate’s instructor, has a few male clients who train with her for private appointments.

“We have a Pilates studio that has five reformers and a Cadillac, chairs and the barrel,” says Lorri, “all of the apparatus Joseph Pilates created in the 20s.” Pilates, the fastest growing exercise method in the United States, helps with posture, flexibility, toning, strength, circulation and stress relief.

In addition to the Pilates studio, BodyWatts has a Yoga studio for both private and group sessions catering to beginner and intermediate levels. BodyWatts also offers massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy and Reiki. An on-staff Maryland licensed dietician leads a weight-watching group and is available for individual weight loss and nutritional consultations.

One need not be a member to benefit from the classes, workshops and special events at BodyWatts, although members get free trials, preferred class rates and can participate in a free monthly workshop. “I want my members to feel like they can experience something outside their comfort zone,” says Lorri. “Exercise is great, but there are all these other services we want to bring in to make the whole body healthier – mind and soul.”

Competitively priced memberships include an initial fitness assessment evaluating the member’s weight, body fat, strength and fitness goals, teach the member how to use the equipment and create an exercise plan. “We can also customize the membership to fit the client’s needs,” says Lorri. “We can provide any level of fitness.”

BodyWatts hydraulic equipment includes fat-burning circuits, as well as strength and toning circuits. The cardio vascular training area includes state-of-the art ellipticals, water driven upper and lower body ergometers, treadmills and recumbent bikes.

On Friends and Family day every Sunday, members are welcome to bring both male and female guests free of charge to use the gym, negating excuses from members who opt out of exercise to be with significant others. “People want to be with their families on Sundays,” Lorri acknowledges. “I want to see the gym used.”

Lorri is currently working on creating a program specifically for women’s health issues such as exercising with breast cancer before and after surgery. “So many of our members are touched by breast cancer,” she says. “There are women in different stages of breast cancer who are scared to exercise and it would be great to have a support system here.”

For more information, visit bodywatts.com or call 410-770-5077 for a consultation.

Body Watts Owner Testifies for Approval of HB416

On February 18th, Delegate Jeannie Haddaway presented House Bill 416 before Economic Matters Committee  and Lorri Wilson-Clarke, Owner of BodyWatts Lifestyle Studio in Easton, presented testimony in support of the bill.

HB416 would clarify points in the current regulations thereby enabling insurance companies to reimburse health club memberships.  HB416 was proposed by Delegates Haddaway, Aumann, Boteler, Bromwell, Eckardt, Elliott, Elmore, Frank, George, Smigiel, Sossi and Stocksdale.  Excerpts of Wilson-Clarke’s testimony follow  “ We have read articles and heard news reports saying that exercise and proper diet can lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression and other diseases. These diseases are crippling our society both physically and financially. “

“After 3 to 6 months of regular exercise and eating healthier, many  of my health club members  either eliminate one or more of their prescriptions or have a decrease in their dosage.  The amount of money that insurance companies are saving by not having to pay for these drugs would offset the cost of a health club membership.”

“Our neighboring states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York have regulations requiring health insurance companies to promote wellness by reimbursing  their clients for a portion of their health club  membership. The client is required to complete a 100 day workout log to earn this reimbursement.   The insurance company provides a workout log which requires a staff member at a health club  to sign off for each day the client  exercises.  When the client completes the 100 days and sends the log to their insurance company the client receives a reimbursement check .  In these other states, the reimbursement  ranges from $100 to  $250 depending upon the insurance company.”

Support HB416 by calling or emailing the committee members of the Economic Matters Committee.  Wilson-Clarke has requested anyone who wishes to help, email  her at  lorri@bodywatts.com and put HB416 in the subject line.    The committee members will be voting on HB 416 during the week of February 22nd.  The committee members and their email addresses are as follows:
Chair: Dereck E. Davis                    dereck.davis@house.state.md.us
Vice Chair: David D. Rudolph       david.rudolph@house.state.md.us
Charles Barkley                                 charles.barkley@house.state.md.us

Aisha N. Braveboy                            aisha.braveboy@house.state.md.us

Emmett C. Burns, Jr.                         emmett.burns@house.state.md.us

Brian J. Feldman                                brian.feldman@house.state.md.us

Jeannie Haddaway                            jeannie.haddaway@house.state.md.us

Hattie N. Harrison                             hattie.harrison@house.state.md.us

C. Sue Hecht                                      sue.hecht@house.state.md.us

Rick Impallaria                                 rick.impallaria@house.state.md.us

Sally Jameson                                   sally.jameson@house.state.md.us

James J. King                                    james.king@house.state.md.us

Ruth M. Kirk                                    ruth.kirk@house.state.md.us

Carolyn J. Krysiak                          carolyn.krysiak@house.state.md.us

Mary Ann E. Love                          maryann.love@house.state.md.us

Roger Manno                                   roger.manno@house.state.md.us

James N. Mathias, Jr.                     james.mathias@house.state.md.us

Brian K. McHale                            brian.mchale@house.state.md.us

Warren E. Miller                           warren.miller@house.state.md.us

Joseph J. Minnick                         joseph.minnick@house.state.md.us

Donna M. Stifler                           donna.stifler@house.state.md.us

Herman L. Taylor, Jr.                   herman.taylor@house.state.md.us

Michael L. Vaughn                       michael.vaughn@house.state.md.us

Mary Roe Walkup                        mary.roe.walkup@house.state.md.us

Fitness Demonstrations to benefit Talbot Hospice Foundation

Lorri Wilson-Clarke, owner of BodyWatts, a lifestyle studio for women, has announced a free fitness and beauty expo on February 27 from 9 am to 1 pm.  Open to the public, participants should come dressed for fitness and ready to join the fun.

Zumba, line dancing, core toning, yoga, and tae bo kickboxing will be demonstrated.  Hairstyle consultants, skin care and makeup, quickie makeovers, customized jewelry, reflexology, herbologist, and a healthy food corner featuring Chef Seth Willis from the Easton Club will be part of the event.

Fitness demonstrations will be given every hour. Attendees are encouraged to donate to the Talbot Hospice Foundation.  BodyWatts is located at 101 Marlboro Rd., next to the bowling alley.

FREE Fitness and Beauty Expo at Body Watts

FREE Fitness and Beauty Expo at Body Watts
February 27, 9am-1pm

Open to the Public..Be ready to workout!

Fitness Demonstrations Every Hour…

Zumba, Line Dancing, Pole Dancing,  Core Toning, Yoga, Tae Bo Kick Boxing>

PLUS Lots of Vendors!
· Quickie makeovers
· Skin Care & Makeup
· Customized Jewelry
· Figure Flattering corsellettes, Body Shapers and Invisible Panties
· Reflexology
· Hair Style Consultants
· Herbologist
· Healthy Food Corner featuring chef Seth Willis from the Easton Club

The event is free however we are taking donations for Talbot Hospice. Visit TalbotHospice.org for more information.


101 Marlboro Rd.
Easton, MD