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Carpe Diem Performance Series @ Brookletts Place kicks off on Thursday, September 11

Carpe-Diem-Arts-Series-2014-2015-@-Brookletts-PlaceCarpe Diem Performance Series @ Brookletts Place kicks off on Thursday, September 11

Carpe Diem Performance Series @ Brookletts Place kicks off on Thursday, September 11 at 1:00pm with CALICO JENNY: “Mermaids, Sirens and Sailors” featuring Janie Meneely, Chelle Fulk and Molly Hickman

Where:  Talbot County Senior Center, 400 Brookletts Avenue, Easton, MD

When:   September 11, 2014   1:00 – 1:45 p.m. 

Admission: Free 

CALICO JENNY brings the ladies’ point of view to the Talbot County Senior Center at Brookletts Place in a program titled “Mermaids, Sirens and Sailors.”  A trio of sultry sirens, Calico Jenny adds a little spice to the salty side of sea music, spouting the ladies’ point of view and setting the record straight on myths of all kinds when they perform for the Carpe Diem Performance Series at the Talbot County Senior Center on Thursday, September 11 from 1:00-1:45 p.m.

The trio consists of Janie Meneely (guitar, whistler and vocals), Chelle Fulk (fiddle and vocals) and Molly Hickman (banjo, cello and vocals). Besides spinning tales about the Chesapeake Bay, they also dip into the vast trove of sea lore to sing of pirates, mermaids and ghost ships. And just about all the songs they sing fall from Meneely’s pen.

Meneely herself is braving new frontiers since the passing of her husband, Paul DiBlasi. Together they formed the duo Calico Jack and were familiar players on waterfront stages throughout the Chesapeake Bay and New England. “He was my waterman’s voice,” Meneely says. “But it’s been terrific to experiment with women’s voices and work out three-part harmonies. Plus, I get to broaden my creative reach and expand into more universal themes that focus more on the women who went to sea or remained on the shore for whatever reason.”

From Bay-centric ditties like the one about Big Liz, a popular ghost from the Greenbriar Swamp outside of Cambridge, to a song about an outspoken siren’s insistence that she “just comes to this beach to sing,” Meneely’s songs illuminate the waterfront from a different (sometimes slightly naughty) perspective. With vocal support from her lady cohorts, the harmonies are lush and the accompaniment lively.

The Carpe Diem Performance Series at Brookletts Place is presented inside the Talbot County Senior Center’s air-conditioned community hall at 400 Brookletts Avenue in Easton.  Audiences of all ages are welcome to attend.

All concerts are FREE and open to the public. 
Lunch is available at 12 noon with advance reservations. RSVP: 410-822-2869 / cbrooks@UpperShoreAging.org

Future performance dates include: 

Tuesday, October 21 ~ 1:00 pm

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Thursday, November 20 ~ 1:00 pm

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Monday, December 15 ~ 1:00 pm

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The Carpe Diem Series at Brooklets Place is made possible by the generous support of the Talbot County Arts Council, the Maryland State Arts Council, Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Dock Street Foundation, Brookletts Place, sound man Dr. Ed Klein (in-kind support) ~ and by individual contributions to the Carpe Diem Arts Outreach Fund.

For more information contact Busy Graham at BusyGraham@gmail.com or call 301-466-0183.