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Time Management 101: Chesapeake Chores – QAC’s First Concierge Service Company

By Avra Sullivan

Chesapeake-Chores (400 x 77)For those of you who feel you need a clone to get through your “to do” list, there is a less dramatic option. Karen Childs was busy selling medical software when she tried to locate a concierge service to help with her hectic and demanding schedule. There were none available in Queen Anne’s County. Karen recognized an opportunity to offer a unique service to the Eastern Shore area and launched Chesapeake Chores.

Officially opening in October 2012, Chesapeake Chores is already having an impact. In larger areas such as Baltimore and D.C., concierge services are popular and in demand. With such a large percentage of commuters in Queen Anne’s County, Karen was certain there was a need here that she could meet. She was right.

Chesapeake Chores offers a variety of services and is specially designed around their clients’ particular needs. They can help with grocery shopping, pharmacy or dry cleaning pick up and drop off, personal car maintenance and estate management. They can even wait for that repair man or special delivery or assist in planning that perfect party or special event. Chesapeake Chores understands its clientele and the area they serve. This spring Chesapeake Chores is excited to offer boat stocking services so a seafaring client only has to hop on and sail away.

Karen says the best part of her business is hearing from clients about how much time she is saving them. “My clients work very hard so they want to be able to relax when the workaday or work week is ended. Having someone help with basic errands saves them from spending the whole weekend running around trying to get everything done. Instead they can enjoy their time off knowing that Chesapeake Chores is taking care of their needs.”

As the only concierge business in Queen Anne’s County, Karen prides herself on quality, reliability and a high standard of professionalism. “Clients can be confident that I have their best interest in mind when serving their needs. We take pride in every job, no matter how big or small.” Chesapeake Chores is fully bonded and insured and keeps all clients personal information strictly confidential.

Karen is excited about offering concierge services on the Eastern Shore and is looking forward to educating more people on the time saving benefits of her services. You can find more details about Chesapeake Chores, including a full list of services offered and testimonials, by visiting their website at www.chesapeakechores.com. You also can request a confidential consultation to understand how they can help you by calling 443-786-2765.