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Athlete of the Week: Chesapeake Futbol Club

image001 (83 x 96)In the fall of 2010, an independent travel team and youth development program were formed in Queen Anne’s County in Stevensville, Maryland. The focus of this group was to provide high level training for the youth in the area. During this time the Chesapeake Futbol Club (FC) name was developed and given to the group. With over 100 youth in the program the club has been able to obtain affiliation with Maryland State Youth Soccer Association. We offer BOTH outdoor and indoor soccer! The training offered to our kids is superior and focuses on the technical skills of the sport. Our slogan is: “Development is a marathon, not a sprint”

This past winter, Chesapeake FC initiated a comprehensive winter training program that has since become the areas only Futsal program. This was the first ever Futsal leage in Queen Anne’s County. Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor soccer game and essentially a scaled down version of outdoor soccer but played indoors. It is a small sided game played on a smaller field with a smaller ball (size 3-4) and is played with touchline boundaries. There are no walls in play, which allows players to refine and maintain their control skills, touch, and technique!!

There were 8 teams formed from ages U7-U14 with 6 weeks of games where the players and parents were able to learn the sport of Futsal through officiated games at Bayside Elementary School. With weekly training at the Chesapeake FC training facility, the players were able to show tremendous amount of growth and skills development. The development the players and teams experienced from Futsal will be a great complement to the training received outdoors in the spring and fall.

Chesapeake FC also offers daytime pre-school camps, after school programs through the Board of Education, camps, recreation soccer as well as travel/select soccer teams for both boys and girls. During our OUTDOOR Fall 2012 season we had 13 travel teams. Chesapeake FC has become the fastest growing club in the area with 7 girls teams and 6 boys teams ranging from U8-U16.

If interested in finding out information on any or all of these programs find us on Facebook, check out our website at http://www.cfcsoccerclub.com/ or email us at soccer@cfcsoccerclub.com