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Chloe’s Corner

So recently (actually, today) I interviewed the counselor for the ninth grade annex at KIHS, Mr. Dane Arnold. My mother had actually met Mr. Arnold prior to me meeting to him, and raved continuously about his great personality. So it was no surprise to me that Mr. Arnold, with his dry sarcasm and witticisms, has, well, a great personality.

And the interview ensues.

Q: What is your name?
A: Mr. Arnold.

Q: Any nicknames?
A: (mysteriously) Some students do call me Mr. Ray.

Q: What do you usually eat for lunch?
A: Typically, I have leftovers; dinner from the previous day. Do you know what I had today? Grilled salmon. And it was delicious.

Q: What is the most important piece of “guidance-y” advice you could give to 9th graders?
A: Everything you do is going to end up on your transcript. You don’t want to have to a lot of explanation, like that one semester in 10th grade when you got all C’s and D’s. You just want a clean record.

Q: Why do you prefer working with 9th graders?
A: I actually like working with students of all ages, I worked with elementary school kids for 20 years.

Q: Have you ever had in really odd jobs?
A: I did work for the commodities exchange (trading gold and silver futures.)

Q: Those are all the questions! I’m done.
A: Well, that was quite quick.

“There’s No Other Job I Would Rather Have” – Local Teen Starts Journalism Career At The Update

By Avra Sullivan

Inspiring words from anyone, and even more so when you consider the speaker is 14 years old. Many Update readers know Chloe Thompson from her monthly column, Chloe’s Corner, but this week we get a more detailed look at this up and coming journalist.

While not actually looking for a job, she came across an advertisement for a feature writer and applied. While the position was not originally geared at a younger person, she was hired. In the beginning of this year, she embarked on her first job as a writer. “Psyched” to have gotten the job, she says it has “stepped up my writing” and has helped improve her self-confidence as well as helped her deal with that looming concept in the newspaper world: deadlines. Although she admits the idea was daunting at first, she says she has had terrific support from her family, friends and teachers.

Her assignments vary, from book, music, and move reviews, to interviews and editorials. While she enjoys all of them, being a “fan of my own personal opinion”, she especially enjoys the editorials. She has always loved writing, takes a journalism class in school and has been on her school newspaper for the last two years. She says reading probably contributed to her love for writing and growing up “read a lot”. Not only does she have a passion for the art, she’s knowledgeable as well. “Writing definitely influences everything, she says. “It brings knowledge to everything.” She goes on to explain how an article in Elle magazine trending new fall colors had everyone in the make-up store she frequents looking for what was “in” that year. Looking to the future, Ms. Thompson plans on pursuing a career in journalism and would like to tie writing into her other passion, fashion. “I love fashion, I love clothes,” she says and would enjoy working for a fashion magazine, reviewing shows and writing on designers and trends. (Readers got a sneak peek into her passion for fashion writing in last week’s Chloe’s Corner when she shared the upcoming trend of denim.) Interested in many forms of writing, Chloe also enjoys writing poetry and hopes to evolve into publishing poetry, alongside her journalism endeavors.

Originally from Bowie and now a Chester resident, this fall she will enter another exciting chapter of her life, high school. Chloe will enter into Kent Island High as a freshman. She hopes to add volleyball, a new sport which she has found and fell in love with, to her activities but hopes to stay writing with the Update for “ as long as possible.” We do too, Chloe!