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Using “Big and Loud” Therapies, Shore Health Rehab Staff Help Parkinson’s Patients

Reilly and Lorsong, Shore Health Rehab Staff (400 x 300)“The Science and Practice of LSVT ©BIG and LOUD” will be the subject of a free, informative presentation for Parkinson’s patients, their families and other caregivers on Tuesday, June 11, 5:30 pm at Shore Medical Pavilion in Queenstown, Maryland.

Led by Cordia Reilly, DPT, and Diane Lorsong, M.S., CCC/SLP, rehabilitation therapists for Shore Health’s Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services, this presentation will provide insights into the benefits of the Lee Silverman LSVT (©)BIG and LOUD rehabilitation programs for Parkinson’s patients.

According to the national Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, more than a million Americans are currently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and another 60,000 are diagnosed every year. More than 90 percent of new cases are diagnosed in persons more than 50 years old, with men having a 50 percent greater risk than women for the disease.

Virtually all Parkinson’s patients experience speech problems, including reduced volume, hoarseness, monotone, imprecise articulation and vocal tremor, making communication with their caregivers increasingly difficult. Because of diminished perceptual abilities that also are caused by the disease, patients don’t realize that they cannot be properly heard or understood. LSVT LOUD © therapy trains them to regulate their volume and improve their articulation and intelligibility. As Lorsong explains, “Once patients realize the amount of effort they need to produce good voice clarity and volume, they practice it repeatedly to make it feel more natural. In time, they are amazed at the improvement in their ability to communicate again.”

Parkinson’s disease also diminishes movement, causing stooped posture, shuffling walk, episodes of “freezing” when trying to move, and poor balance. LSVT BIG © is a physical therapy program designed specifically for Parkinson’s patient that involves maximal daily tasks, and exercise moves that are constant, repetitive and require a high degree of whole body effort. Says Reilly, “I’ve seen patients who struggle with transfers, such as getting up and out of bed or a chair, make improvements in their ability and confidence as they incorporate the principles of the LSVT BIG © program into their daily routines.”

There is considerable research supporting the value of LSVT © therapies. Significant benefits (lasting up to two years) in speech intelligibility and motor performance are clearly documented in the studies on patients who have completed LSVT © BIG and LOUD therapies. In addition to these gains, these therapies seem to help patients delay the progression of some of the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s.

Refreshments will be served at the presentation. To RSVP, please email dlorsong@shorehealth.org, or call Shore Health Outpatient Rehab at Queenstown, 410-827-3818.

In photo: On June 11, 5:30 pm at Shore Medical Pavilion in Queenstown, Shore Health rehab therapists Cordia Reilly, DPT, and Diane Lorsong, M.S., CCC/SLP, will conduct a free seminar on LSVT © speech and physical therapies that help Parkinson’s patients maintain optimal mobility and communications skills. (Reilly and Lorsong, Shore Health Rehab Therapists)