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Kent County Bus Riders Get Help

Riding public transportation for the first time can be daunting, and Delmarva Community Transit (DCT) has stepped in to help. DCT will be opening a One Stop office in the Upper Shore Aging building, 100 Schauber Road, to assist individuals who may not be aware of transportation services and are afraid of using them, said Mary Handley, DCT mobility manager, at the commissioners meeting. The office will house a mobility manager, a Hispanic outreach coordinator, an urban planner and travel trainers. Travel trainers teach people how to ride the bus, read a bus schedule, and call dispatch. They will ride the bus with a person until they are comfortable doing it on their own.

Along with offering routes throughout the county, DCT also provides transportation for Upper Shore Aging, Kent Center, Adult Medical Daycare, and the health department. The buses also take students from Chestertown to the Chesapeake Community College. A DCT bus schedule can be found online at www.dcsdct.org or by calling the Chestertown office, 410-778-5187.