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March Is Home Month: Shades and Blinds

island_furn (222 x 205)Buffy Cromwell and Denise Boggs, co-owners of Island Furniture Studio located at 116 South Piney Road in Red Apple Corner in Chester, say a great tip for homeowners is to decorate their homes with shades and blinds and let them pay for themselves through tax credits and reduced energy costs. Products such as Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb shades may qualify homeowners for up to a $500 tax credit for 2013 without the necessity for add-on insulators. As much as 50% of a homes heating and cooling energy can be lost through windows, and Hunter Douglas Shades can help conserve that energy while offering a stylish contribution to a home’s decor. Shades such as the Duette Architella are available in 11 distinctive fabrics and over 130 colors. Homeowners are sure to find the color and fabric that compliments their decor.

Let Island Furniture Studio help you! Contact Island Furniture at 410-643-3303 for an in home consultation or visit their store for their full line of Hunter Douglas products and learn how beauty and energy efficiency can make a smart stylish pair!!

March Is Home Month

desing_tip_header (200 x 99)When decorating your home, don’t forget the powder room walls!

The powder room, or 1/2 bath as most builders and those in real estate call it, is the most utilized room by guests in your home. So, why not decorate it to reflect your personal style and have a little fun.

Powder rooms average 3′ x 5′ or a minimum of 15 square feet. They display little architectural interest other than a toilet and sink and perhaps accessories such as light fixtures, mirrors, towel rings, toilet paper holders, faucets, rugs and towels. The best way to personalize a bathroom is by decorating the largest surface area over its four walls, most easily achieved through paint and coordinating artwork.

Paint can be found in many shades and colors, but why not consider other alternatives? Why not create high style with texture and depth using tile or wallpaper? Tile can be a great option, but the price is sometimes prohibitive and best considered for the minimal floor surface area. Wallpaper, on the other hand, is cost effective and has come a long way since those varieties found in the 70’s and 80’s. A powder room only requires a few rolls to cover the smaller area.

The word “wallpaper” may make those of us who have remodeled older homes cringe in anticipation. We recall spending countless hours peeling wallpaper from kitchen walls …working hard to get rid of outdated representations of small floral bouquets or tea kettles. Take heart, today’s wallpaper is much more sophisticated. Some varieties mimic natural fibers such as sea grass and grass cloth. Others emulate decorative painting techniques and popular textile patterns.

Today’s wallpaper also is much easier to remove because of the newer self-pasted varieties and murals which are actually movable. Remember, the powder room is a fun place to take a chance where you don’t have to commit to a particular style. You can just close the door and easily hide it from view.

So have fun! Express yourself and decorate those walls!! A great place to find wallpaper is Island Furniture Studio in Chester where design experts are on hand to help you design your perfect space.