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Helping Those Who Can’t Ask For Help Themselves

By Sandra Zunino

The Queen Anne’s County Department of Animal Services and the Humane Society of Queen Anne’s County work hand it hand to provide the ethical treatment of this county’s animal inhabitants.

In existence since the mid 70s, the Humane Society of Queen Anne’s County, Inc. maintained a shelter providing services for neglected, abused, lost and stray animals according to Dawn Nock, Humane Society president. Now the Humane Society donates volunteer services, educational resources and spay/neuter assistance. The Department of Animal Services, previously known as Animal Control, is an official department of the county and is the only animal control entity on the Eastern Shore operated by government personnel.

Animal Control’s name was changed to Animal Services because the organization does much more than control animals, also providing provide spay/neuter services through their new Spay/Neuter clinic at a reduced cost and a pro-active adoption service program for all animals. “I cannot say enough about Animal Services,” says Dawn, “They do everything they can. I think they are a great organization.”

Involved since 1987, Dawn has been president of the Humane Society of QAC for more than a decade, serving on the all-volunteer board as secretary prior to that. Its own non-profit 501-3c organization, the Humane Society is not a chapter of the Humane Society of the United States. “There are Humane Societies all over the U.S.,” says Dawn. “Each is independent and each one is different.”

Dawn says one goal of the Humane Society of QAC is to educate people so animals do not wind up in the shelter. Dawn and other Humane Society volunteers attend Animal Services events and the annual QAC Fair, providing literature to help educate consumers about responsible pet care. Literature is also dropped off at area veterinarian office and the Animal Services office. “We mostly concentrate on companion animals,” says Dawn, “but if someone wanted information on another type of animal, we would try to help.”

Membership fees and fundraisers provide the finances for the educational literature as well as the spay/neuter program. Additionally, proceeds are donated to local animal welfare organizations such as the Animal Rescue League, Chesapeake Cats and Dogs and the Adopt-A-Pet program.

Through the Humane Society’s spay/neuter voucher program, applicants can receive a voucher to help defray some of the cost for pet sterilization surgeries. Applications are available at many veterinarian offices as well as at the office of Animal Services. Once the voucher is received, the recipient presents it to the veterinarian to go toward the surgery fee.

For several years, the Humane Society sponsored dog obedience classes, but lost their venue and instructor two years ago. Dawn says she would be interested in resuming the classes if an instructor and venue became available.

To become a member of the Humane Society of QAC, send a $50 annual membership fee to The Humane Society of QAC, Inc., P.O. Box 335, Centreville, MD 21617. For more information, call Dawn at 410-827-6756.

For more information about the QAC Department of Animal Services, to volunteer or adopt a pet, visit www.petfinder.com or call 410-758-2396. Animal Services welcomes non-monetary donations such as pet food and supplies.