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The Transportation Association of Maryland, Inc. (TAM) announces its 7th Annual Wheelchair Safety Awareness Promotion

Wheelchair-AwarenessThe Transportation Association of Maryland, Inc. (TAM) announces its 7th
Annual Wheelchair Safety Awareness Promotion.

March is right around the corner and TAM has designated March as Wheelchair Safety and Securement month.

Transporting persons with special needs and ensuring wheelchair safety securement can be challenging for both private and public transportation service providers. If proper wheelchair securement practices are not followed, persons needing this assistance can sometimes be injured when faced with a sudden turn of the vehicle and/or an accident occurs. By bringing awareness to this issue, TAM hopes that all those who participate in the transportation of individuals with disabilities will take a moment during the month of March and review their processes and procedures for conducting these types of activities.

TAM is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to serve and represent its members and is dedicated to improving mobility and economic opportunity for all Maryland citizens. It is a viable and effective advocate for its members providing professional development and a forum for the pursuit of excellence in community transportation. When transporting individuals with disabilities in appropriately-equipped motor vehicles, excellence in safety is a goal TAM and all its members are striving to achieve.

To increase awareness throughout the month TAM will be partnering with some of its members and business partners to make safety and securement training available to both member and non-member agencies. TAM has a wide variety of additional training resources, safety cards, and posters available to support those in the business of moving people. If you need assistance with wheelchair securement and/or other types of training contact TAM at (410) 730-6310 to schedule a TransitSCORE trainer to assist you. The training is free and we bring it to you.