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Brix Closed For Health Law Violations

Brix located at 337 High Street was shut down September 17 by Chestertown and Kent County Health Department officials for code violations. John Beskid, Director of Environmental Health, was called to the restaurant and noticed some plumbing issues. The grease trap, which all food establishments are required to have per town ordinance, had been bypassed and grease was being pumped directly into the town sewer resulting in a clog that caused sewage to back up into the basement.

After inspecting Brix, Beskid called Chestertown Utilities Manager Bob Sipes to take a look since the restaurant was in violation of a town ordinance. In addition to the grease trap, Sipes noticed that the plumbing was not up to code. The sewage plumbing was not glued together and fell apart while Sipes was standing there.

Flu Shot Clinics Forming

Kent County Health Department has begun scheduling flu clinics on Fridays from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. starting October 22nd. The shots cost $20, and Medicare is accepted. The county also plans to schedule two open clinics but those have not been finalized. Queen Anne’s has not yet scheduled flu shot clinics, but plans to very soon.

Kent Hosting H1N1 Clinics

The Kent County Health Department is partnering with community and faith-based organizations to offer free H1N1 vaccination clinics to the general population over the next few weeks. Clinics will be held:

January 27: 4-7pm. Christ United Methodist Church, 401 High Street, Chestertown. 410-778-0911.
January 31: 12:30-2pm. Olivet United Methodist Church, 115 S. Main Street, Galena.
February 7: Noon-2pm. Shrewsbury Episcopal Church, Shrewsbury Church Road, Kennedyville.