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Kent School Hosts Fourth Annual Triathlon

15460553442_e248a29b62_z 15274149739_eebec9f632_zKent School Hosts Fourth Annual Triathlon

Under sunny skies and challenged by a brisk wind, nearly 200 racers participated in Kent School’s fourth annual Osprey Triathlon. Racers biked, kayaked and ran as individuals or as part of relay teams. The field included competitors from ages 9 to 74.

Kelly Reed of Georgetown, MD was the first to cross the finish line. She and her relay teammate, Kevin McFadden completed the course in just over an hour – posting a scorching time of 1:01:08. Mark Muhley of Annapolis, MD took home the top prize in the men’s individual category with a time of 1:06:03. He was followed by Adam Stolzberg of Washington, D.C. with a time of 1:08.02. Jay Yerkes of Still Pond placed third overall with a time of 1:09:52.

In the women’s individual category, Chestertown resident, Jaime Fleetwood earned the top spot with her time of 1:14:16. Vicki Snyder of Spring Grove, PA placed second at 1:22:47. She was followed closely behind by Jennifer Siegel of Centreville, MD whose time was 1:23:48.

In age group categories, Will Cammerzell, Matthew Grande and Alexander Frith swept the top three spots respectively in the male 16 and under category. Annabelle Gillespie was the uncontested winner in the female 16 and under category. In the 17-35 men’s category, Brendan Cummings placed first with a time of 1:12:00, followed by Dan Snyder whose time was 1:16:03. Creg Fleetwood took home the third place medal with a time of 1:19:24. On the women’s side in the 17-35 age group, Christine Compton of Baltimore crossed first with a time of 1:27:22. Catherine Sutton of St. Leonard placed second with her time of 1:28:06 and Kelly Hastings of Washington, D.C took third with a time of 1:28:58. The top three men in the 36-50 group were Trey Hill (1:10:41), Bob Fordi (1:15:35) and Stuart Levy (1:16:37). The top three women were Julie Gillespie (1:30:34), Lisa Webb, (1:30:37) and Julie Pfeffer (1:25:32). Rounding out the age group winners, Keith Snyder, Lynn Brookhouser and Jerry Thomas were the top three racers in the men’s 51 and over category. Isabelle Sampson, Karen Douglass and Debra Brookhouser were the first three to finish in the women’s 51 and over categories.

Relay teams are always popular at the Osprey Tri because they put the course within reach for athletes of all skill and experience levels. The top relay teams were Team Built for Speed (Kelly Reed and Kevin McFadden), Team Bramble (Megan Owings, Bobby Bramble and Jay Silcox), Team Yerkes (Jay Yerkes, Steve Wheeler and Christina Bonass) and team Fordi (Bob Fordi, Jack Fordi and James Fordi.) Complete results can be found at www.kentschool.org/osprey-triathlon.

The 2014 Osprey Tri was sanctioned by USA Triathlon and attracted athletes from throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Race Coordinator Tricia Cammerzell said, “The Osprey Triathlon has grown steadily over the past four years and we felt it was time to add another level of professionalism to the event. Sanctioning helps us produce a better race. Fuel 3 Sports provided electronic chip timing, improved transition areas and a terrific start-finish line. We will continue to look for improvements in the 2015 race.” Cammerzell continued, “Hosting an event like this would not be possible without help from volunteers and corporate sponsors. Special thanks go to Top of the Class Sponsor, Chestertown Runners and to our segment sponsors Yerkes Builders, The Peoples Bank and Gunther McClary Real Estate. Kent School parent and alumna Pat Parkhurst deserves recognition as volunteer extraordinaire. The Osprey Tri is a better event thanks to her support.”

Kent School’s headmaster, Chris Gorycki said, “This is such a great event for our school. Every aspect of this race re-enforces our core values of integrity, respect, responsibility and friendship. It is also a pleasure to introduce our school to participants and friends who may not otherwise know about our school. We are fortunate to have this gorgeous setting, and it is a pleasure to share it with others through the Osprey Tri. Congratulations to all who had a role in making this such a great event.”

For more information about the Osprey Triathlon or Kent School, visit www.kentschool.org or call 410-778-4100 ext. 110. Kent School is an independent school located in Chestertown that serves boys and girls from pre-k through grade 8.


Exploring a Sense of Place At Kent School

photo-4 photo-2Exploring a Sense of Place At Kent School            

Lower School students at Kent School are exploring a sense of their place in the world and their relationship to it. Their studies range from a micro exploration in second grade where students are mapping the school playground to a macro exploration in third grade where students are learning about world cultures and literature. In fourth grade the exploration returns closer to home with a focus on Maryland history and Chesapeake Bay Studies.

Second grade students are using a multi-disciplinary approach to map the Kent School playground. In this long term project, students are first creating a map key followed by a sketch of the playground itself. As a final step the students will work together to create a larger scale map to include points of interest and a key to other characteristics of the school playground. The mapping exercise incorporates fine motor skills, spatial awareness, social studies, and collaborative learning.

In third grade, the curriculum for the year explores the world through geography, literature, music, and art. As part of their inter-disciplinary studies, third grade students participate in a global triangle exchange with schools in England and Tanzania. Kent School is working with The Rafiki Group. According to the Rafiki Group website,”The primary aim of the group is to develop a strong ethos of the global village for the pupils of all schools, creating a strong channel of communication between pupils to deliver understanding of differing and shared beliefs, values and concepts. To achieve this global village ethos all schools commit to two core objectives:

To develop the knowledge and skills so that individual pupils have a positive awareness of citizenship, and the confidence to make a contribution locally and globally. Vitally linked to this is a clear idea of our interdependence with personal responsibilities for contributions to that relationship.

Each school will endeavor to develop strong sustainability practice as a result of shared ideas, skills and knowledge.

For their role in the project, Kent School students are building and establishing a sustainable garden. Students will share their work, tools and results via letters, skype, blogs and other correspondence with the students are other participating in the Rafiki global project.

The theme of Sense of Place returns a bit closer to home in fourth grade as the curriculum focuses on Maryland history and Chesapeake Bay Studies. Fourth grade students experience a hands-on, multi-disciplinary approach that includes history, art, literature, language arts, and science. Recently, students worked in small groups to build wigwams. They used all natural materials to create miniature shelters like those made by the Nanticoke tribe on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and their allies, the Piscataway tribe on the Western Shore. To further bring this culture to life, guest lecturer, Chris Cerino will come to the class on October 9 bringing Native American artifacts found in the area. Later in the month, acclaimed local artist, Marc Castelli with teach a class on Native American culture and customs through art.

Headmaster, Chris Gorycki said “These programs are wonderful examples of our daily commitment to fulfilling our mission to guide our students in realizing their potential for academic, artistic, athletic, and moral excellence. Our school’s family-oriented, supportive, student-centered environment fosters the growth of honorable, responsible citizens for our country and our diverse world. In every one of these classroom experiences our students are gaining knowledge, learning about the world around them, and the importance of their place in it. Our ultimate goal is the give our students the moral courage to act on their ideas for the benefit of themselves and others. At Kent School, we refer to this as ‘learning to make a difference.’”

For more information about Kent School visit www.kentschool.org or call 410-778-4100 ext. 110.


Kent School to Host Fourth Annual Osprey Triathlon

1392620_650095408357139_70479887_n 1381353_650095248357155_216883478_nKent School to Host Fourth Annual Osprey Triathlon

We’re Training. Are You? Racers are posting and sharing photos of their training sessions on the Osprey Tri Facebook page in an effort to inspire and encourage other racers. The fourth annual Osprey Triathlon will be held on SUNDAY, October 5 at 9:00 a.m. The race consists of three legs:  a 7-mile bike race, a 2-mile kayak course and a 3-mile run. (Exact distances may vary.) The course will cover mixed surfaces, including pavement, gravel paths and some grassy areas.   The race course takes advantage of Kent School’s Chester River access and gorgeous views. The course is flat, fast and racer friendly!

The Osprey Triathlon is a family friendly event welcoming athletes at all levels of skill and experience.  Not ready for the full triathlon? Create a team with friends or family and compete in 1, 2, or 3 legs of the race.

The 2014 race will incorporate some new elements that will add professionalism to the race without infringing on the special charm of this family-friendly event. Race coordinator, Tricia Cammerzell said, “We have learned so much over the past three years about planning and hosting this event and it has grown each year. We had to make some changes to accommodate the growth and enhance the racers’ experience.”

This year the race is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. Race support and management will be provided by Fuel 3 Sports. Sanctioning ensures increased safety measures. Fuel 3 Sports will provide electronic chip timing and wave starts to support the safety of the participants. Cammerzell continued, “I am really looking forward to the improved start, finish, and timing that will come with Fuel 3 Sports but it was important to the full race committee that we maintain the things that make this race so unique. We always want an event that includes three-generation relay teams and first time racers along with elite triathletes….and of course, the post-race barbeque is a requirement! And thanks to our PTF there will be some terrific activities for those who are too young to race.”

Racers can register as individuals completing all three legs of the race or they can break the race into smaller segments and register as two or three person relay teams.  The race is open to anyone age nine and older.  Racers between the ages of 9 and 12 must be part of a relay team with at least one team member age 16 or older.

Registration will be open until Friday October 3.  Visit www.kentschool.org/osprey-triathlon or www.fuel3sports.com.and search Osprey Triathlon for registration information.  Advance registration is appreciated and early registration is discounted. Race fees are as follows:

Race Fees

Early Registration (Before September 15):  $55

Late Registration (Sept 15-October 4):  $65

2 Person Relay (Before September 15): $110

2 Person Relay (Sept 15-October 4): $125

3 Person Relay (Before September 15): $125

3 Person Relay (Sept 15-Oct 4): $145

Mixed Age Group (includes junior racer) (Before September 15): $120

Mixed Age Group (includes junior racer)  (Sept 15-Oct 4): $135

Junior 2 or 3 Person Relay (Before September 15): $120

Junior 2 or 3 Person Relay (Sept 15-Oct 4): $120

Other Fees

Kayak Rental: $10

Lunch for Non-Races: $7

Cammerzell continued, “This race would not be possible without support from our corporate sponsors and legion of volunteers. First on the list to thank is our volunteer committee chair, Pat Parkhurst ‘84. Our top of the Class sponsor for the 2014 race is Chestertown Runners. Segment sponsors are Gunther McClary Real Estate, Peoples Bank,  and Yerkes Construction. Additional sponsors to date include David A. Bramble, Inc.,  Chesapeake Medical Imaging, Clovelly Vineyards, RealTerm, and Dixon Valve. We are very grateful to every sponsor, racer, and volunteer who plays a part in the success of the Osprey Tri. See you in October.  We’re training. Are you?”

For more information about the Osprey Triathlon or Kent School visit www.kentschool.org or call 410-778-4100 ext.110.


Kent School Introduces Lab Science Throughout Lower School

1665 1663 1664Kent School Introduces Lab Science Throughout Lower School

Beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year, all students in lower school will have lab science as part of their curriculum. Pam Deringer, lower school science teacher, is expanding her Bay Studies program so that children in kindergarten through fourth grade will get hands-on science instruction. “I am building the curriculum from the bottom up so every student in lower school will be exposed to inquiry-based, hands-on lab science.” Lab science is unique in early grades and will provide Kent School students experience that other students may not have until middle school. Lower school teachers have been collaborating with Mrs. Deringer to support her science curriculum with relevant classroom preparation.

Science lessons and activities focus on the processes of Science. Students are challenged to become scientists as they develop their skills in observing, classifying, measuring, estimating, inferring, predicting, hypothesizing, interpreting data, controlling data, and experimenting. Hands-on activities, literature, and experiments in the areas of life science, physical science, and earth science allow students to become familiar with the nature of science and develop a natural curiosity about their world. The primary focus of our program is for our students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be solid science students in the future.

Deringer continued, “At each level, I plan on posing an essential question. Inquiries will be open-ended but there will be a process introduced to formulate hypotheses and solutions. By posing questions and thinking about possible outcomes, the children are playing with science and gaining experience with scientific method. I envision a spiraling curriculum in which major concepts will be built upon each year. For example, in kindergarten, a Life Science unit may focus on living and non-living things and identifying basic life needs. Skip ahead to third grade and life science has advanced to studying life cycles and anatomy and in fourth grade we are studying whole ecosystems. Given our location along the Chester River, a natural recurring theme throughout each grade will be environmental sustainability.”

Chris Gorycki, headmaster said, “The expansion of lab science in lower school demonstrates our commitment excellence. It is exciting to think about the possibilities created by the spiraling curriculum as our students move from kindergarten through 8th grade. I am also proud of the collaboration among our faculty that enables this kind of progress at Kent School.”

Kent School is an independent school serving boys and girls from pre-k through 8th grade. For more information about Kent School visit www.kentschool.org or call 410-778-4100 ext. 110

Kent School Celebrates the Graduation of the Class of 2014

1503Kent School Celebrates the Graduation of the Class of 2014   

On June 11, families, friends, teachers and mentors gathered to honor the twenty members of Kent School’s graduating class. The Class of 2014 is made up of a diverse group of students who were united as a group of close knit friends while retaining their individuality. “No matter how long they’ve been with us, each shared a special gift with the community. Their talents were on display in the classroom, on the athletic field, on the stage and as creative writers. We are going to miss them, and we are proud of what we know they will accomplish as leaders and scholars in high school and beyond,” said Middle School Division Head, Debbie Williams.

Graduation speakers were Christina Bonass, Henry Parkhurst, and Maria van Venrooy. Each spoke of his or her Kent School experience from a different perspective, but all agreed that challenges made them stronger students, better friends, and more prepared for the future.

Members of Kent School’s graduating class will be attending the following secondary schools:

The Charter School of Wilmington, Chincoteague High School, the Gunston School, Kent County High School, Mercersburg Academy, Northfield Mt. Herman, Queen Anne’s County High School, St. James School, St. Mark’s High School and Tower Hill School.  Congratulations!

Kent School vs SSPP

January 21, 2010 —  In their home gym, on Thursday, the SSPP boys and girls middle school basketball teams each came away with their 3rd victory of the week, defeating The Kent School.

In the girls game, Lauren Wilson scored 11 points, and Emily Granger scored 6, both in limited minutes.  McKenna Mann and Kendall Sovero each had 4 points, and Leela Kimbler and Katie Penwell also scored in a 28-9 victory. For the second time this week, and the fifth time this season, the lady Sabres held their opponent to less than 10 points.

In the boys game, Sam Lipscomb led all scorers with a career high 12 points as the SSPP won 29-19.  Brooks Zentgraf continued to show a hot hand following his outstanding performance on Wednesday, and drained two clutch three pointers to help the Sabres pull away down the stretch.