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Salisbury University freshmen get to WERK: Win cash, services and membership to co-working space

PerdueawrdsSalisbury University freshmen get to WERK: Win cash, services and membership to co-working space

Werk, LLC, a part-time employment website was recently named the second place Bernstein Award and fourth place winner in the “Gull Cage,”Shark Tank-style entrepreneurship pitch event. The competitions were part of the 2014 Entrepreneurship Competitions hosted by the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business, Salisbury.

Werk students received a one-year membership to hotDesks, the Eastern Shore first co-working space by the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC), as well as a total of $2,500 in cash and $3,500 in consulting services from Maryland Capital Enterprises. Students Aaron Wall, Matt Lange, Kyle Cooper, and Peter Baum are the creators of Werk, LLC.

In all, Salisbury University students earned nearly $60,000 in cash, services and prizes during the 2014 Entrepreneurship Competitions.

“Encouraging and advocating for entrepreneurship is at the heart of ESEC,” says Mike Thielke, ESEC executive director. “Creating an environment where our communities grow and nurture entrepreneurs is crucial to sustainable growth,” he adds.

hotDesks, Tri-County Council Multi-Purpose Center, 31901 Tri-County Way, Salisbury, is Maryland Eastern Shore’s first co-working space. Co-working is a new style of working because it blends the flexibility of working from home with the social and professional benefits of being in a vibrant office. Sponsored by the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center, hotDesks is designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a community for independent entrepreneurs.

To learn more about hotDesks or for membership information, contact ESEC at (410) 770-9330, mike@ventureahead.org or connect at twitter.com/hotDesksMD.

PHOTO: From left to right, are: William Burke, competition director and Perdue School professor; students and Werk, LLC team members Aaron Wall, Matt Lange, Kyle Cooper, Peter Baum; Stephen B. Adams, Ph.D., Perdue School associate professor; and Mike Thielke, ESEC executive director.

Don’t Rely Solely on “Uncle Sam’s” Help for Retirement

Don’t Rely Solely on “Uncle Sam’s” Help for Retirement

Twenty years ago, retirement was a time to look forward to and savor, but today, we live in uncertain times. So for most working adults, retirement has become very complex, requiring years of planning, a well-thought-out strategy, and a phase to be put off as long as possible.

We’re Living More Years in Retirement: Why? Company-sponsored pensions have all but become extinct. Thanks to medical advances and healthier lifestyles, people are living longer. In the early 20th century, life expectancy was 47.3 years vs. today’s life span of nearly 79 years (from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2011,” Donna L. Hoyert, PhD and Jiaquan Xu, MD, October 10 2012). According to data from the Social Security Administration, a man who lives to 65 will live on average to age 84, while women of the same age should live to age 86. Of, course, this is good news, but we need to be prepared for it.

The Truth About Social Security: And if you believe that Social Security will be there to support you, think again. For retirees in 2013, if you retire at the full age of 66, according to the Social Security Administration, your maximum monthly benefit is $2,533, not enough for many of you to live comfortably. 

Leaving A Legacy: While there are no easy solutions, life insurance can guarantee the protection of your loved ones. These are guarantees backed by the claims paying ability of the issuer. Life insurance also can supplement your retirement savings if the death benefit is no longer needed. Loans against the policy accrue interest and decrease the death benefit and cash value by the amount of the outstanding loan and interest. 

Life insurance’s primary purpose is to deliver death benefit protection, which can provide a generally tax-free legacy to your loved ones. But permanent life insurance also carries “living” benefits. Your policy earns cash value that accumulates tax deferred. This means that you do not pay taxes on any of the accumulation within the policy. Additionally, you can access that money generally tax-free through policy loans. This cash value can be used to fund college expenses, a small business loans, or any other anticipated or unexpected events. Remember again that loans against the policy accrue interest and decrease the death benefit and cash value by the amount of the outstanding loan and interest.

In addition to the death benefit protection, the cash value of permanent life insurance can also be used to supplement your retirement income. As such, it can be a vital piece of the complex puzzle of retirement planning.

For more information, contact Brett M. Sause, Principal with the Atlantic Financial Group, LLC, serving Delmarva since 1999. He can be reached at 443-249-3311 or visit www.atlanticfinancialgroup.org.



National Autism Association of MD-Eastern Shore Brings New Services to Eastern Shore

National Autism Association of Maryland-Eastern Shore (NAAOFMDES) has brought new developmental disability services to the Eastern Shore.  Recently, Karen Lombardi, MS. Ed. of Early Connections, LLC, who holds a combined Elementary Education /Special Education degree from University of Maryland with a minor in Psychology, and a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in severe disabilities, has expanded her services to Easton from Annapolis.

Lombardi serves not only autistic children, but also children with other developmental disabilities on both sides of the Bay.  Lombardi has had extensive training in “Talk Tools” techniques, and Hanen Methods, and Di Gangi’s Play Based Therapy, and Greenspan and Lewis’s Curriculum.  She uses positive behavioral methods in addition to, three step guided compliance, sign language, augmentative communication, phonemic awareness, sensory integration and Speech Box Program. She also has training in TEACCH, Picture Exchange, as well as Augmentative Communication. Clients of Early Connections include children who need help with speech clarity, children with verbal dyspraxia, communication and behavioral needs.  She serves children who have mild cerebral palsy, dysgraphia, sensory integration issues, and children who are in the autism spectrum.  Having  recognized the growing demand for services and service providers for children with developmental disabilities on the Eastern Shore, Lombardi and Early Connections, LLC aligned with NAAOFMDES to help meet the need of this growing community.

Lombardi said, “I train parents to advocate for their children, and I create home programs which are family friendly. My goal is to empower families to help themselves.”

Jaime Langdon, Executive Director of NAAOFMDES said of Lombardi, “NAAOFMDES has been very selective about what kind of services to which we align ourselves.  Having met Karen, her experience speaks for itself.  She has dynamically served the autistic community and the even greater developmentally disabled community in both Anne Arundel County and Prince Georges County, for over 30 years, making her an amazing asset not only to children with autism, but also children with other developmental disabilities. Karen Lombardi and Early Connections, LLC is exactly who and what I have been looking for, she’s perfect for these kids.”

To Learn More: To learn more about National Autism Association of Maryland-Eastern Shore and Early Connections, please visit (www.naaofmdes.org) and (www.earlyconnections.com) and call 410.820.9005.