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Area Businesses Join Together to Encourage Shopping Local

The Cellular Connection, formerly Pagetronics, has been located in Kent Town Market in Chester since 1997. The company is the only locally-owned and operated Verizon premium retailer in Queen Anne’s County. Manager Will Sauers has been with the company since 1997 and visibly lights up when asked about what he enjoys most about his job…his customers. He works closely with the community by providing individual attention to each and every customer. Whether it is the young teenager with a new cell phone, the grandmother who doesn’t understand modern technology, or the local businessman with up to 100 lines, each one receives the same attention, knowledge and support for which The Cellular Connection has become known. When it comes to community support, The Cellular Connection is always eager to make a generous donation, which includes sponsorship of the Grasonville VFD Softball Team and the local Adopt-a-Bear program. The staff is eager and enthusiastic to ensure that you are enjoying the best cellular/internet service available at a price you can afford. Feel free to bring your current cellular and internet bills in for a free comparison to what The Cellular Connection has to offer.
Photo – Jeff Watcheski and Manager, Will Sauers (not pictured – Owner, Bill Fleishell)





Drop in most any day to Western Tire and Auto in Stevensville and one of the first people you will almost surely run into is owner Doby Middleton. Doby has been a familiar face at Western Tire and Auto since 1979, when at the young age of 19 he was hired as manager of the store. In those days, it was much like the local Sears, carrying a variety of items from toys to appliances to automotive supplies. Through the years, the store has increased the number of service bays from five to ten and the number of employees from seven to 24. Doby has remained at the same location during all these years, moving up from manager to co-owner in 1985. Doby is not the only one with longevity. Craig Clendaniel, the service manager, has been there for 40 years and his son Brian has been there for 20 years. Today Western Tire and Auto is very proud to say they are a 100% independent and family-owned and operated business. Doby’s wife Linda and his brother Kevin also take active parts in the business. Second and third generation Kent Islander’s are the heart of Western Tire and Auto’s customer base. When asked what he thinks has helped him stay in business and continue to grow, Doby replies “we just keep our focus on outstanding customer service, going above and beyond what other competitor’s offer. We always come out ahead.” Just one visit inside and you will know why this business is celebrating its 45th anniversary. With people like Doby and his dedicated team, it is a business Kent Islander’s have come to depend on for loyal customer service, years of knowledge and competitive pricing.
Photo is entire staff.



Lowe’s Bayshore Nursery & Garden Center located on Kent Island in Stevensville is one of the most beloved and trusted family-owned nurseries on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The nursery was founded in 1966 by Cliff Lowe, Sr. and his wife Olive, one of the oldest families on Kent Island dating back to the 1700’s. In the mid 1960’s, Mr. Lowe, an ex-Naval Commander and Annapolis graduate, retired from his military career. To keep himself busy, he followed his passion and began growing trees in a field near Love Point, in turn selling them from the old farmhouse next to where the current nursery now stands. Today Cliff Lowe, Jr., his wife Barbara and their daughter Adrienne, the garden center’s owners, draw on over 90 years of professional experience and on the knowledge passed down by the late Cliff Lowe, Sr. Their patience and understanding of Queen Anne’s County unique soil and growing conditions have made them experts about the Eastern Shore’s specific flora, terrain, soil types, weather conditions and other garden and growing-related matters. Customer service is their top priority, still serving generations of Eastern Shore customers. Many remember Cliff Lowe, Sr. himself paying them a visit to make sure all their nursery items were correctly planted and gently nursing unhealthy or diseased foliage back to health. This family-owned business has extended its heart and arms to the community many times over, drawing in all who visit the Love Point location and making them feel like family. When you visit the nursery, don’t forget to pet the adorable kittens, puppies and other animals available for adoption.