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Feb 1 (application deadline) – SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE-available to students in Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne’s & Talbot Counties. Thru Mid-Shore Community Foundation. www.mscf.org/scholarships.


Feb 1 (application deadline) – SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE-available to students in Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne’s & Talbot Counties. Thru Mid-Shore Community Foundation. www.mscf.org/scholarships.


Feb 1 (application deadline) – SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE-available to students in Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne’s & Talbot Counties. Thru Mid-Shore Community Foundation. www.mscf.org/scholarships.


Feb 1 (application deadline) – SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE-available to students in Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne’s & Talbot Counties. Thru Mid-Shore Community Foundation. www.mscf.org/scholarships.

Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Inc. is Looking for a Chief Financial Officer

1468Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Inc. is Looking for a Chief Financial Officer

The CFO handles all aspects of the Foundation’s accounting, maintains the records, administers fiscal policy and procedures, prepares financial statements, tracks and reviews investment holdings and performance and is responsible for all aspects of the annual audit. In addition, the CFO is responsible for human resources, physical plant, technology, risk management and other duties as assigned by the President. A Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 5 years of senior level accounting experience is required. CPA credentials are preferred. Candidate should possess a broad knowledge of computer hardware, software systems and other electronic information systems. This is a full-time position with comprehensive employee benefits.The Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Send resume to wduncan@mscf.org or 102 East Dover Street, Easton, MD 21601.

Mid-Shore Community Foundation

Mid-Shore Community Foundation (179 x 85)The Mid-Shore Community Foundation connects private resources with public needs in order to expand human services and enhance the quality of life for all citizens, of all ages, on the Mid-Shore – Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot Counties.

The Mid-Shore Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that helps individuals, families, businesses and private foundations accomplish their charitable giving objectives. It manages donor’s financial gifts according to their wishes and distributes investment proceeds through grants that support of the community.

The Mid-Shore Community Foundation was established on December 8, 1992 by the United Fund of Talbot County. Some $236,000 in assets had been left to the United Fund of Talbot County through the wills of Col. Edgar Linthicum his wife Catherine. Traditionally, the management of charitable endowments is handled by a community foundation. Recognizing the formation of such a foundation would facilitate additional charitable assets for the region, the directors of the United Fund of Talbot County voted to use the Linthicum Bequest as the nucleus gift for the foundation.

The foundation is located in the Bullitt House, in Easton, Maryland. This historic residence was donated to the Mid-Shore Community Foundation in 2002 by Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Brady, Mr. & Mrs. A. James Clark and Mr. & Mrs. William Hunter. The additional space in the Bullitt House is leased to nonprofit organizations.

The Mid-Shore Community Foundation is one of the largest grantmakers in the region. Through it’s many types of funds, it supports a variety of programs.

The Mid-Shore Community Foundation awards over 100 scholarships each year. Each scholarship is unique and supports students with a variety of backgrounds, educational goals and economic circumstances.

Nonprofit Services
The Mid-Shore Community Foundation is committed to the support of nonprofits so that these critical community resources can strengthen their services and expand their capacity to serve the Mid-Shore Community. By partnering (establishing a Fund) with the foundation, nonprofits have access to the following.

Endowment Management – The Mid-Shore Community Foundation advocates the formation of operational endowments and offers “turnkey” solutions to nonprofits seeking a steady stream of permanent endowment support.

Training & Educational Opportunities – The Mid-Shore Community Foundation sponsors workshops and hosts various educational opportunities.

Nonprofit Resource Center – Thanks to a generous grant from the Grayce B. Kerr Fund, the Mid-Shore Community Foundation hosts a nonprofit resource center. The center is located in the Bullitt House and provides visitors with access to computers, books, meeting space and the Foundation Center’s database.

Charitable Gift Annuity Programs – The Mid-Shore Community Foundation offers a CGA Program that can be tailored to your organization. The foundation handles all administrative details.

Fiscal Sponsorship – The Mid-Shore Community Foundation can support a special project or sponsor an unincorporated association.

Donor Services
The Mid-Shore Community Foundation makes giving easy.

Donate to an Existing Fund – Donors may make a gift, at any level, to an existing fund.

Establish a Fund – Funds can be established, minimum of $10,000, by individuals or by organizations. The name of the fund is determined by the donor and this may include naming the fund as a memorial. The foundation invests your gift along with those of other donors. Investment returns are added to your fund and a percentage is set aside for grantmaking. The foundation manages the assets and handles all administrative requirements.

Create a Legacy – A charitable bequest is a simple way to make a lasting gift to your community. The foundation can accept a wide range of assets: cash, securities, life insurance and real estate. When you make a gift through the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, we establish a special fund that benefits the community forever and becomes your personal legacy of giving.

Create a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) – Giving through a Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to arrange a gift to your community, while providing yourself a new income source your can count on for life.

Grant Funds First Steps Toward a Permanent Homeless Shelter in Talbot County

The Talbot Interfaith Shelter (TIS), in collaboration with the Housing Commission of Talbot, is pleased to announce the receipt of a $50,000 technical assistance grant from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. The grant is for a needs assessment, feasibility study and the preliminary site and building design for a year-round homeless shelter in Talbot County.

Very tentative and initial assessments place the construction of a homeless shelter at about $1 million. The project could break ground in 2014.

TIS, which is in its fifth season, is a voluntary, faith-based organization that offers emergency cold-weather shelter overnight from December through early April. With the help of our partner congregations and hundreds of volunteers, the shelter rotates among faith campuses every two weeks or so. On average, TIS provides about 500 bed nights per season.

Since TIS started, the board of directors has sought a way to provide year-round shelter to more people. With the current model, guests must leave each day at 7 a.m. and may return at 6 p.m. In addition, TIS’ capacity is limited to five guests per night because of strict fire codes.

And since TIS is run by volunteers, our guests are screened for criminal backgrounds, drugs or alcohol, which eliminates many of those who need shelter. This January, for instance, TIS received about 40 calls for shelter. Out of those 40, only three were eligible.

A permanent shelter would allow for much more inclusive sheltering options for those who are homeless, including families and children.

John Clizbe, TIS board president, 703-638-8934
Don Bibb, Housing Commission of Talbot, 410-822-5358; 410-745-5121

The Talbot Interfaith Shelter is a volunteer, interfaith-based service ministry in Talbot County dedicated to providing safe, temporary shelter to men, women and children who lack adequate housing. TIS also is dedicated to raising awareness about homelessness in our community.

TIS is a component fund of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, a public foundation designated as a 501(c)(3) charity.

Empty Bowls Fundraiser

Sunday, February 24, 2013, 5 pm to 7 pm, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Easton. Tickets: $20 per person; includes home-cooked soup and a handmade bowl. Purchase tickets online at www.mscf.org and check payable to Mid-Shore Community Foundation, 102 E. Dover Street, Easton, MD 21601.

Join the Fight to End Hunger at Local School

It may come as a surprise to some that Talbot County is one of the richest counties in Maryland. Equally surprising is that it is also home to some of the most underprivileged, at risk children in Maryland. At least 50% of the students at Easton elementary school are provided basic meal assistance during the week only to spend their weekends going hungry.

That is why THE CLAY BAKERS of Easton has partnered with CAREPACKS TALBOT COUNTY FUND and the Mid-Shore Community Foundation in an effort to end the childhood hunger that has too long been a part of our local children’s daily lives.

The Clay Bakers has proudly served the community of Easton for the past 12 years, providing fun and inspiration for all patrons, as a paint-your–own pottery studio. Owner Karen Montgomery takes great pride in lending her support to such an important local program and invites you to join the fight to end childhood hunger so very close to home. Please donate any pre-packaged item listed* through October 31st and receive a one-dollar credit toward any project, up to a $5 total.

The Clay Bakers is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10-9PM and Sunday from 12-6PM.

For more information you may contact Karen Montgomery atThe Clay Bakers. PHONE 410-770-9091 or EMAIL theclaybakers@verizon.net. Visit our web site at theclaybakers.com.

· Applesauce Cups
· Chef Boyardee
· Easy Mac
· Fruit Cups
· Mini Pretzels
· Cereal (single serving boxes)
· Cereal Bars
· Chewy Granola Bars
· Instant Oatmeal
· Fruit Snacks
· Raisins
· Trail Mix Bars

• Tuna Fish

Peanut Butter

Empty Bowls Meal to Benefit Food Pantries

The fourth annual Empty Bowls community dinner to benefit Talbot County food pantries will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2012 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Easton.

“Bringing Empty Bowls to Talbot County is an opportunity for those of us who are fortunate enough to eat without worry to reach out to our neighbors for whom a meal may be a luxury,” says Empty Bowls committee member Anna Harding. “By joining us for a community meal, you will help fill the shelves at local food pantries.”

Tickets for the Empty Bowls meal are $20. Diners will receive a meal of homemade soup, bread and dessert. Harding continues, “In exchange for your payment, you will take home the bowl in which your soup is served. Our hope is that the bowl will remind you that someone else’s bowl is always empty and that you will be moved to continue to support those organizations who are working every day to feed those in need in throughout Talbot County.”

Local potters who have pledged handmade bowls are Paul Aspell, Ann Krestensen and Ken Sadler. Bowls are also being made and donated by local school students.

The Clay Bakers in Easton is supporting Empty Bowls by sponsoring a special bowl decorating event through February 17, 2012. For a donation as low as $12, Clay Bakers’ customers can choose from a selection of bowls, which they paint in their own style. Clay Bakers will donate the decorated bowl and $6 of the fee to Talbot County Empty Bowls. The Clay Bakers is located at 1 S. Washington Street in Easton. For more information, call 410- 770-9091.

“One hundred percent of ticket sales and donations will be donated to local food pantries, thanks to the generosity of the people who are helping us this year,” says Harding. The group has procured donations of soup and home baked cookies from members of the community. Panera Bread is donating bread for the meal.

The Talbot County Empty Bowls event is modeled after the first fundraiser, which was the brainchild of John Hartom, a North Carolina high school art teacher. In 1990, Hartom challenged his art students to make enough ceramic bowls to host a meal for the school faculty. During the meal, Hartom and his wife, Lisa Blackburn, also an art educator, reminded the group that, even though they were not hungry because they had just eaten, many in the community still had empty bowls. The guests were invited to keep their soup bowls as a reminder of those less fortunate. This event evolved into the non-profit organization Empty Bowls, which now raises millions of dollars for hunger-related causes around the world.

The Empty Bowls meal and fundraiser will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2012, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church Easton (on the westbound lane of Rt. 50, west of the Maryland State Police barrack). In the event of inclement weather, the event will be held on Sunday, March 4.

Advance reservations are required. To purchase tickets, mail a check for $20 per person to the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, 102 E. Dover Street, Easton, MD 21601. Make checks payable to Mid-Shore/Empty Bowls. Please include your phone number. Tickets can be purchased and donations can be made online at www.mscf.org.

In photo: (from left) Leslie Hamburger and Linda Mastro choose their handmade bowls at the 2011 Empty Bowls Community Dinner.