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Parent Coalition Recommends Proactive Parenting to Prevent Drug Abuse

Speak Up logo FB (180 x 180)The Talbot Parent Coalition has been working with Talbot Partnership for Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Prevention to develop tools and tips for monitoring and safeguarding our youth. Parents are often concerned about whether their children will start or are already using drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and others, including the abuse of prescription drugs. Research supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has shown the important role that parents play in preventing their children from starting to use drugs.

There certainly are more reasons than ever to be watchful of your kids in regards to substance abuse. For parents who are concerned about possible drug and alcohol use by their children, the Parent Coalition is now offering free sample Alcohol and Drug testing kits.

There are several reasons that you might consider using home drug tests. You may have considered it because you suspect your child is drinking or using drugs. Or you may want to use the tests as a preventive measure. You don’t believe your children have started using drugs yet, but you know drugs are out there and they are available. You believe if your children know they are going to be tested, it will prevent them from drinking or using. Finally, it gives your teen a reason to say no if peer pressure pops up from peers.

In addition to making this sample Alcohol and Drug testing kits available to parents, the Coalition has developed tools to anonymously notify other parents of concerns that they might have regarding other youth using drugs or alcohol, or parents illegally allowing or providing alcohol or drugs. Parents can access these tools through the Parent Coalition website or facebook page.
It is important to protect your child and put a stop to substance abuse or drug addiction at the very first signs. While there are many differing opinions about drug testing your children, drug testing provides one option. While it will not replace effective communication with your teenager, it does provide a tool to assist parents in addressing their concerns with substance abuse.

Community members and parents are welcomed and encouraged to get involved.

Tools we offer:
• e-newsletter filled with current information. Sign up on our facebook page “Parents’ Coalition of Talbot Partnership”
• Tools and Resources found on TalbotPartnership.org
• A prepared letter that parents can use to anonymously express concern to other parents about adult or youth behaviors. Click here. Be a voice for our community.
• Steering Committee Meetings every two months. If you would like to attend email parentcoalition@talbotpartnership.org.

For further information on the Parent Coalition, visit our website or Face book, or contact parentcoalition@talbotpartnership.org

Parent Coalition to Hold First Public Meeting

A group of Talbot County parents has organized a Parent Coalition, to provide a “parents helping parents” network in which they can discuss drug and alcohol issues and what more we can do to better understand the challenges and opportunities our youth face. The Group will be providing tips for monitoring and safeguarding our youth and discussing how our community can engage teens in discussions about influence and ways to “stay above it.” The Parent Coalition is planning to hold an initial meeting of interested parents on June 12 at 12:00 P.M.in the Talbot County Community Center . All interested parents and community members are encouraged to attend. If you require further information, please contact parentcoalition@talbotpartnership.org.