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Tresentes Named 2012 Talbot County Foster Parents of the Year

Tragedy has turned to joy for foster parents, Guy Tresente and Martha Reyes-Tresente of Easton, who were named as the 2012 Talbot County Foster Parents of the Year by the Talbot County Department of Social Services. The Tresentes, who lost their only child, Grace Edyta, at 11 days old and could not have any more children, became licensed as foster parents in 2010. Guy Tresente, who was exposed to foster care through a high school friend, comments, “We view it as a ministry. I see children as the future.”

Over the last two years, the Tresentes have provided foster care and respite to 10 children. According to Christine Abbatiello, LGSW, foster care worker for Talbot County Department of Social Services, “They have been instrumental in working with three different sibling groups to keep the siblings together, even when it might mean driving long distances to keep the children in their schools.” She adds, “In addition, Guy and Martha have gone above and beyond to connect with the biological families of their foster children. They have also worked with some of the sibling groups to incorporate as much of their family of origin culture into their foster home.”

Since both Guy and his wife, Martha, speak Spanish fluently, they have also helped the Talbot County Department of Social Services recruit Spanish-speaking foster parents. Martha, who came to America from El Salvador in 1993 and to Easton in 2004, is the youngest of eight children. She and her husband are active in Emanuel Bible Believing Church in Easton. Martha, who went to seminary in Guatemala, also preaches at a church in Guatemala. She comments, “What is satisfying about doing foster care is giving children the affection and love when they come from a place where they may not have it.”

For further information about becoming a foster parent in Talbot County, call 410-820-7371. The next Parents Resource for Information Development and Education (PRIDE) Training begins on June 6, 2012.

In photo: Pictured left to right are Martha Reyes-Tresente and Guy Tresente, Talbot County’s 2012 Foster Parents of the Year.