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Stylin’ with Studio 107 Hair Salon

By Sandra Zunino

It’s been more than three years since Lisa Milligan opened Studio 107 Hair Salon and even though the shop is tucked out of the way in downtown Stevensville, Studio 107 is thriving based on its reputation for quality and customer service.

“We try stay in tune to what the community wants,” says Lisa. “We are very customer-service oriented.”

Taking care of a wide range of clientele, Studio 107 stylists can accommodate those who want anything from youthful, edgy haircuts to sleek, sophisticated styles. “We cater to men, women and children – the whole family,” says Lisa, “and we try to stay time-oriented, especially for today’s society because everyone is so busy.”

Lisa says listening to her clients is pertinent to giving them what they want. She often works from photographs to assist in the communication process, which not only helps deliver the exact cut and style the client wants but also the color.

“Color is our specialty,” says Lisa, who not only provides beautiful hair color for her clients, but also has repaired more than a few color blunders. Her secret is relying primarily on international hair color products.

“We go only with the higher end products because hair color means a lot to us,” she explains. Cutting corners with less-expensive products can not only compromise hair health but also produce dull results.

“How you feel when you walk out of here is important,” Lisa says. “Color is a big component of that – and how your hair is going to look and feel not only when you leave the shop but also weeks later.” Lisa selects product lines that won’t damage hair so clients don’t have to sacrifice gloss and bounce.

Lisa’s philosophy of using quality product lines transcends to all her treatments from perms, straightening and Keratin smoothing therapies, and she is adept at helping customers find just what treatments will work best for their hairstyles. “The Keratin treatments, for instance, are great for people who have problems with frizz or a lot of curl in their hair,” she says. “It really gives the hair tame ability.”

Despite the extra expense of high quality product lines, Lisa still keeps prices reasonable. “We must remain competitive in today’s economy,” she says.

While Lisa says she’s really seen business grow thanks to local print advertising, it is word-of-mouth referrals that continues to pack the salon. In fact, she recently hired more stylists to keep up with appointments. Last summer, Gabriel Rafter came on board. A graduate if the Graham Webb International Academy of Hair, one of the most recognize cosmetology schools on the East Coast, Gabriel not only brings youth and vitality to the team, but a talent for producing provocative, trendy styles for those who really want their hair to make a statement.

In August, Michelle Boutcher joined Studio 107 as a senior stylist bringing more than 25 years of experience from elite salons across the Bay Bridge. Adding to long-timer Brook Brainer and Lisa’s own expertise, these stylists create a synergistic team providing the very best service and results.

“This is definitely a staff who clicks together personality wise and goal wise,” says Lisa. “We work great as a team.” Lisa says that camaraderie is essential to the salon’s comfortable atmosphere.

“When you get up and leave, you want to love what’s been done but also enjoy the experience in a professional yet casual environment,” she says. “It’s therapeutic.”

For more information about Studio 107’s many services, call 410-643-7233 or stop by at 107 Market Court, off Love Point Rd., Stevensville.