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Admiral Tire and Michelin To Give Free Soccer Balls To Children and Donate To Local Soccer Leagues

Admiral Tire, in conjunction with Michelin Tire, is giving free soccer balls away to the players of the Talbot Soccer Association (TSA) August 20-September 19th and the Caroline County Youth Soccer Association (CCYSA) August 27th- September 27th. A donation will be made to these programs for every Michelin tire sold during these 30 day program periods.

For information about participating in this offer please visit our website at www.Admiraltire.com, visit your soccer league’s website, or contact your soccer league’s administrator. Soccer balls will be available for distribution at the following locations:

8949 Mistletoe Drive in Easton (410)763-6696
1115 Industrial Parkway in Denton (410) 479-3045
401 Sunburst Highway in Cambridge (410) 901-2418

In photo: TSA soccer player Nathan Lapp having fun with the Admiral Tire soccer balls