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The Edge Training Academy Summer Offerings

imagesThe Edge Training Academy Summer Offerings

SPEED & AGILITY CAMPS – This is open to boys and girls of all sports.  We will develop them from the ground up as Athletes.  Focusing on proper running technique and change of direction efficiency in an attempt to increase performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. 8 weeks option – Fridays- 7/11-8/29- $160. Ages- 7-10 Fri- 1-2pm. Ages-11-14 Fri 2-3pm. 4 weeks option- choose 4 from above for $90.

DROP IN- AGES 10-17- SPEED and AGILITY $15/class – M/W- 6-7pm. Session 1- M/W- 5/5-6/25 excluding Mon 5/26 (Memorial Day) Session 2- M/W- 6/30-8/20.

LACROSSE – Boys Hybrid Lacrosse Training Camp – Sessions split between athleticism training and skill specific training. Ages- 8-11 M/W noon-1:30pm (6/23-7/16) 8 sessions for a total of 12 hours training- $240. Ages- 12-16 M/W 10-11:30am (6/23-7/16) 8 sessions for a total of 12 hours training- $240. Girls Hybrid Lacrosse Training Camp – Sessions split between athleticism training and skill specific training. Ages- 8-11 T/Th noon-1:30pm (6/24-7/17) 8 sessions for a total of 12 hours training. $240. Ages- 12-16 T/Th 10-11:30am (6/24-7/17) 8 sessions for a total of 12 hours training- $240.

YOUTH FOOTBALL – Hybrid Football Training Camp – Sessions split between athleticism training and skill specific training 80lb./90lb.- M/W 5-6pm (6/23-7/16) 8 sessions for a total of 8 hours training – $160. 10U- M/W 6-7pm (6/23-7/16) 8 sessions for a total of 8 hours training- $160 11U- T/Th 5-6pm (6/24-7/17) 8 sessions for a total of 8 hours training- $160. 12U- T/Th 6-7pm (6/24-7/17) 8 sessions for a total of 8 hours training- $160.

FOUNDATIONS OF SPORT AND MOTOR MOVEMENT- AGES 3-4 COED – Built to learn the basics of group interaction and sport fundamentals.  Motor skill development and social interaction will be at the heart of this camp. 8 weeks- Fridays- 6/27-8/22 (skip 4th of July) – 10-10:45am – $160.

LACROSSE/SOCCER FUNdamentals – AGES 3-4 COED – Session 1- 8 weeks- Fridays- 5/9-6/27- 10-10:45am- $160. Session 2- 8 weeks- Fridays- 7/11-8/29- 11-11:45am- $160.

LACROSSE FUNdamentals – AGES 5-7 COED – 8 weeks- Fridays- 7/11-8/29 Noon-1:00pm- $ 200.

LAX SKILL CAMPS – 4 day mini camps – $175. Mon-Thurs 8:30-10am.

Middle School Athletes – Boys Lax- 7/7-7/10. Girls Lax- 7/14-7/17.

Elementary School Athletes – Boys Lax- 7/21-7/24. Girls Lax- 7/28-7/31.

*HIGH SCHOOL SPORT CONDITIONING CAMP* –  Prepare for Fall Tryouts with this Pre-Season Conditioning blast.  This will allow the aspiring and returning High School athlete to get acclimatized to the elements prior to tryouts.  Open to Boys and Girls alike. 24 athlete max. Homework will be assigned. 2 weeks- M-Th 8:30-10 am-  8/4-8/7; 8/11-8/14  *8 days(12 hours total) in house training.  Register before June 1st $275; after $300.

*TOP 24-HIGH PERFORMANCE HIGH SCHOOL SPORT CONDITIONING CAMP* –  This camp is geared toward the athletes who are seeking their Summer’s best effort in speed, agility, and strength gains.  Limited to 24 athletes.  6 weeks in length. 3 days per week.  90 mins per day (not including homework and supplemental work). July 11- Aug 15  (18 sessions= 27 hours training) – Register before June 1st- $675;  after $800. Group 1- 12 Females (M/W/F 7-8:30am). Group 2- 12 Males (T/Th/F 7-8:30am).

Local Efforts- Swinging For the Fences

Giving The Edge to Area Youth

RDF legion (400 x 300)The Edge Training Academy may be new in town but its owner has been around! Robert Woolley, owner of The Edge Training Academy, is no shy guy when it comes to lending a hand in the community. His past is full of experience from company organized beach cleanups to assembling fundraisers for many causes. His coaching years at KIHS have assisted him in bringing man power to the table when looking to help in these many causes. “The boys and girls of KIHS have always been eager to get involved with the many projects we have assembled to help make the community a brighter place, “ coach Woolley says. When it comes to pride and passion for the Youth and the Community there are few that compare. Most recently Robert was approached by a local U12 Travel Softball coach, Bryon Sofinowski who needed field space for his girls to practice for their tournament season. Robert and his staff sprung immediately into action on tackling this issue first hand. A conversation was had with Tracey from The American Legion post on Rt. 8 in Stevensville and the go-ahead was given for a field renovation of their otherwise unplayable diamond. A pooling of resources was gathered and in 3 weeks time the field had gone from dilapidated to shipshape; the Hurricane Bucs had found a home! The Lady Bucs spent many hours of practice on their new field preparing for their 7 tournament appearances this Summer. The girls as a second year club team represented themselves quite well and have been extremely proud of their new home. None of this would have been possible without the many donations made by: Woody Dove (Jones of Annapolis- field stripping), Rental Works of Grasonville (machine rental donations), The Richard Downey Foundation (for its many hands, hours of labor, and material donations),Kenny Seeling and friends (Integrity Building Solutions- construction of new dugout), Jamie McIntosh (Economy Remodeling- dugout supplies donation and roofing labor), Allied Supply Company (building materials donation), 84 Lumber of Arnold (building materials donation), Jeffrey Clark (Chesapeake Lawn and Landscape- landscaping services/machine delivery), Michael Gowl (Roof Pro of Annapolis- donation for materials), Cliff Lowe III (Material hauling and delivery), Robert Woolley (The Edge Training Academy- project supervisor/machine delivery/machine operator), team, family and friends of the Hurricane Bucs (field cleanup/infield maintenance) . In order to help with projects like this in the future, The Edge Training Academy is in the process of establishing a fund through http://creatinglegacies.org/. To get involved please contact Robert at The Edge Training Academy (443) 249-3133. Also, please visit The Richard Downey Foundation via facebook as they look to continue their community relations with a crab feast fundraiser on Saturday, September 28th from 1:00-6:00pm. Live Music, Silent Auction and much more! It is bound to be a good time! https://www.facebook.com/rdf2011

The Edge Training Academy Offering an Open House for Local Coaches

On February 21st, from 6- 7 pm at the Edge Training Academy, Robert Woolley will be hosting a Coaches Night. This event will be open to all coaches of local sports teams, Youth and High School alike. This event will not only showcase the opportunities available for our youth, but Robert is starting a non-profit for his real passion of helping young athletes to achieve at the highest level whether the financial means are available or not. Robert will be showing his different programs as well as offering 10% discount vouchers to coaches to give to the athletes on their team.

Making a Dream a Reality for College Bound Athletes; The Edge Training Academy Opens in Stevensville

By Avra Sullivan

100_0517 (400 x 533)After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science and Business, Robert Woolley wanted to find a way to offer area youth an edge in getting into college. As a longtime coach here in Queen Anne’s County, he noticed many high school athletes wanting to get into college through sports. However, that avenue can be a tricky one to navigate. Bobby opened up The Edge Training Academy to improve the odds of high school athletes getting into the college of their dreams. This encompasses being the best athletes they can be as well as getting in front of the right audiences.

Through the Edge Training Academy, Bobby and his staff act as a type of agent, helping students ensure they are being seen by the right people at the right time. He can assist with developing on line profiles and making videos of both their training regimen and field-playing time. Bobby understands that preparation for college goes beyond the athletic field. Knowing what is expected from an academic level is just as important.

The Edge Training Facility targets students in grades six to eight who want to begin either the high school or college recruitment process, which can be daunting. “Many athletes and their families are somewhat blind to the intricate process of recruitment,” says Bobby. Times have changed and recruitment is stricter and beginning earlier.

The Academy focuses on areas such as speed, agility and body awareness, both on an individual and group level. Assessing the athletes to determine their strengths and weaknesses is part of the first steps in helping them become the best they can be.

Success isn’t simply found in the physical or technical athletic ability. An understanding of nutrition and overall health is crucial to excelling in any sport. “Just like a car, if you put bad fuel into it, you are going to get bad performance,” he explains. The Edge Training Academy has classes on health, nutrition and the mental preparation, including handling pressure and the importance of focus and commitment.

While Bobby wants to help all participants excel on the field he adds that “success is a way of life. I hope I am helping these students grow into better athletes as well as better individuals.” Bobby starts by asking each student “who do you want to be?” From there they develop goals and come up with a game plan on how to reach those goals. This sets up a “culture of success,” where kids discover that with hard work, commitment and the right guidance, they can succeed at anything, both on and off the field.

The Edge Training Facility will be hosting a grand opening on January 26th from noon to 4pm. There will be door prizes, vendor booths, light fare and training demos. You also can tour the whole facility and meet the staff. For more information visit them online at www.TheEdgeTrainingAcadamy.com or call 443-249-3133. You can reach Bobby directly at 410-490-7512.