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A New Year’s Resolution for Every Parent: Talk With Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

Resolving to talk more often with your child about healthy decisions and choices is a great idea for the New Year, according to Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention. It’s never too early to start the dialogue about the dangers of underage drinking or other drug use, according to Talbot Partnership’s Executive Director, Gary Pearce.

Timetotalk.org celebrates the positive influence of parents and can help you start the New Year with”10 Resolutions That Show Your Kids You Care.”

10 Resolutions That Show Your Kids You Care:
1. Teach your children to trust you by seeing you as a role model.
2. Be patient, not just tolerant. Apologize when you make a mistake or do something you regret.
3. Ask teens what they need from you – and do whatever you can to meet those needs.
4. Listen to your teens, a lot. Avoid interrupting.
5. Teach your children about ethics, values and principles they can apply in choices and decision making.
6. Help them discover the feeling of gratitude, not just to say thank you.
7. Keep the promises you make. If you do not keep your word, acknowledge that. Help your teen understand the circumstances or choices that precipitated the change in your plans.
8. Answer your teen’s questions and be consistent. When you notice behavioral changes in them, make yourself available and encourage them to talk about what is going on in their life.
9. Be understanding when they have a difficult time and let them know you will love them no matter what.
10. Be diligent. Have ongoing conversations with your kids about the risks of drugs and alcohol.

For additional information on what parents can do to help their children avoid the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, contact Talbot Partnership at 410-819-8067 or visit their website at www.talbotpartnership.org.


Tobacco Use – A Continuing Problem

Tobacco use by teens and young adults remains shockingly high in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3.6 million middle and high school students today smoke cigarettes. Nearly 4000 kids under the age 18 try their first cigarette every day.

Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention advises that while fewer adults are smoking today, cigarette companies have turned to young people as replacement smokers. For every person who dies due to smoking – more than 1200 each day – at least two youth or young adults become regular smokers.

Adolescence and young adulthood are the times when people are most susceptible to starting tobacco use. Cigarette companies use a wide variety of new products including flavored cigars and smokeless tobacco products, as well as marketing strategies to encourage new consumers to try their products. Tobacco advertising, portraying smokers as cool, sophisticated and fun, is often the largest and most visible advertising for any product.

New research shows that smoking during adolescence and young adulthood causes early damage to the heart and lungs. The younger people are when they start using tobacco, the more likely they are to become addicted to nicotine and the more heavily addicted they will become.

It is important for parents to educate their kids and help them make healthy choices. If young people don’t start using tobacco by age 26, they almost certainly will never start.

For more information of the dangers of tobacco and other drugs, contact Talbot Partnership at 410-819-8067.