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TurnAround Offers Drug Testing and Screening

Think your teen may be “experimenting” with drugs? It’s better to find out the truth now than wait until the problem is out of control.

TurnAround is offered to parents who have reached the point where they are concerned that their child may be using drugs but are not able to prove it. The purpose of the program, which is offered by the Talbot County Health Department Addictions Program office, is to provide a confidential drug screening by an experienced adolescent substance abuse counselor. With the increasing risks from drug abuse, it’s important for parents and guardians to know if their child is involved in drugs. Once the drug test and screening are completed, the counselor will contact the parents to evaluate the results and make a recommendation.

The number of adolescents experimenting with drugs today is greater than ever. Nearly 35 % of high school seniors have smoked marijuana, while only 5% of parents believe their child may have tried marijuana or other drugs. There are a multitude of reasons why individuals use drugs, but one constant is that drug abusers will try to hide their symptoms and deny their drug-related problems.

Sadly, drug abuse disrupts a person’s relationships and daily functioning at work, home, or school. Drug abuse also frequently leads to recurring drug-related legal problems. Moreover, drug abuse commonly leads to poor health and mental health issues. And finally, drug abuse adversely affects the user’s peace of mind.

Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention advises that what many drug users apparently do not comprehend is that continuous, long-term drug abuse quite easily can become drug dependency. It is therefore important for parents to take steps early to protect their children.

For further information, parents can contact Talbot Partnership at 410-819-8067 or TurnAround direct at 410-819-5600